Yas Salon is an assistant arts editor at the Tufts Daily. Yas is a first-year who is majoring in FMS. Yas can be reached at Yasaman.Salon@tufts.edu.

Weekender: Filmmaker, Tufts alum David Sutherland brings an intimate portrayal of deportation to campus

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker and Tufts alum David Sutherland (A ’67) will be screening his new film “Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (2019) on Feb. 28 at an event hosted by the Tufts Film and Media Studies Program. The film, much like Sutherland’s previous films “Country Boys” (2006), “The Farmer’s Wife” (1998) and “Kind Hearted Woman” (2013), centers around those […]

Families go bananas for gorilla’s birthday

Monday, Feb. 18 marked not one but two holidays. The first, of course, was President’s Day. The second was a less widely celebrated but still critically important holiday. That holiday was Little Joe’s 26th birthday. Little Joe, a western lowland gorilla, rung in another year of life with a family-friendly bash thrown by the Franklin […]

Cody Ko, Noel Miller delight fans on hilarious Tiny Meat Tour

On Feb. 5, comedy duo Tiny Meat Gang performed at the Middle East nightclub in Cambridge, one of 37 stops on their eponymously named “Tiny Meat Tour.” The duo consists of Cody Ko and Noel Miller, two former software engineers who have spent the better part of the last two years producing content under the name […]

‘Sex Education:’ a raucous, thoughtful glimpse into the awkwardness of adolescence

Given the high volume of content on Netflix, searching for a good show to watch can be daunting and almost overwhelming. In 2018 alone, the streaming service provided approximately 700 original shows. Some shows like the sci-fi horror “Stranger Things” (2016–) or adult cartoon “BoJack Horseman” (2014–) have become major hits. Others fell flat and proved to be controversial, such […]

‘Studio 54’ delves into mystique of legendary New York nightclub

Drag queens. Actresses on horses. Quaaludes. Donald Trump. All of these things and other equally eccentric, bizarre and mind-boggling ingredients made up the pure liberating madness that was the notorious experimental discotheque Studio 54, one of the earliest cultural touchstones for LGBTQ Americans. Almost 40 years after the rise and fall of the notoriously exclusive nightclub, director Matt Tyrnauer offers […]

Kendrick, Lively shine in ‘A Simple Favor’

At first glance, Paul Feig’s “A Simple Favor” (2018) presents itself as a Gillian Flynn-esque tale of scandal, temptation and betrayal. The poster, which displays the film’s stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively poised in elegant, provocative poses, reinforces this noir theme: Lively stands towering over Kendrick, one hand perched on her hip, the other delicately clutching a […]