Veronica Little is a Senior Arts Editor at the Tufts Daily.

Listeners bound to enjoy Swift’s ‘1989,’ even if they won’t admit it

Despite her highly problematic public persona — ranging from virginal ingenue to femme fatale, from lighthearted (albeit disingenuous) goofball to deadly serious without a whiff of self-awareness — Taylor Swift makes good music. Even from her earliest days in the musical world, Swift has been lauded for her songwriting skills. And though her music has […]

Hopes are high for sophomore album from Lily & Madeleine

Hailing from the corn-filled plains of Indiana, the folk-pop singing sister duo Lily & Madeleine is gearing up to release their sophomore album on Oct. 28. Gaining indie cred through their online presence on sites like YouTube and Bandcamp, the duo is known for its hauntingly sweet harmonies and breezy melodies. The group’s debut self-titled studio […]

Top ten gloomy tween songs to get you through this rain

Though many of us come from different places and backgrounds, we can all remember a time when we straightened our bangs, applied a heavy dose of eyeliner to our prepubescent faces and went into a Hot Topic store unironically. These days, as the rain falls and the chilly air whips around us, it’s hard not […]

New Caribou album pleasant, yet unoriginal

Dan Snaith, the mastermind behind the beloved indie-electronica band Caribou, is by no means a newcomer to the music scene. With more than a few studio albums, a loyal following and some critical recognition, Caribou had seemingly found an uncomplicated plateau to rest in after their 2010 release “Swim.” Snaith is back, however, after a […]

Jessie J disappoints yet again on sophomore album

There are few artists more frustrating than the UK’s own Jessie J. Emerging on the music scene as a phantom songwriter for some of the most well-known musical personas in the mid to late 2000s — her most popular tune being “Party in the U.S.A.” (2010) which was popularized by Miley Cyrus — Jessie J began building […]

Top ten things that’ll get you before Ebola

Ebola can have devastating outcomes to those inflicted, and everyone seems to know something about it. We, at the Daily Arts department, are not disputing this fact. But guys, c’mon: the apocalypse courtesy of Ebola is a long way off. Don’t stock up on water bottles and baby Motrin just yet. Let’s talk about the […]

New Macy Gray album showcases experimentation, skill

Macy Gray is a one-hit wonder. Don’t believe it? Just try naming one song of hers besides, “I Try” (1999). (And no, the theme song for the TV show “As Told By Ginger”  (2000 – 2006) does not count). However, though Gray has only produced one chart-topper, her style and tone have been supremely influential […]

Top ten things that people really need to stop Instagram-ing this fall

It’s October and we all know what that means — horrible pictures of people drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes and picking apples in their Ugg boots. That’s right, every student with an iPhone and the compulsion to prove to their friends from home how cozy fall in New England is will be fighting to the death […]

‘The Legend of Korra’ enters fourth and final season

Beginning its fourth and final season on Oct. 3rd, Nickelodeon’s “The Legend of Korra” franchise brings about the end of the extended universe of its predecessor “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (2005-2008). The hullaballoo surrounding the beginning of the end for “Korra” is not simply due to the fanatical following that the show has garnered over […]

Sophomore Isha Patnaik takes a leap into the world of comedy

If you told sophomore Isha Patnaik two years ago that she would be a part of a huge sketch-comedy collective in college, she likely would have “lol’d” (or “laughed out loud”). Since becoming a Jumbo, however, Patnaik’s involvement with the sketch comedy group, Major: Undecided, has become a quintessential part of her Tufts experience. “It’s […]