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Review Rewind: ‘Long Shot’

The Movie: “Long Shot” The Year: 2017 (technically 2003) The People: Juan Catalan as himself, a man accused of murder; Alma Oseguera as herself, Juan’s girlfriend; Melissa Catalan as herself, Juan’s young daughter; Todd Melnik as himself, Juan’s criminal defense attorney; Larry David as himself, the star of the show that was being filmed at […]

Review Rewind: ‘Strangers on a Train’

The Movie: “Strangers on a Train” The Year: 1951 The People: Farley Granger as the supremely stressed-out tennis player, Guy Haines; Robert Walker as the slick psychopath, Bruno Anthony; Ruth Roman as Guy’s supportive, elegant girlfriend Anne Morton; and Patricia Hitchcock as Anne’s inquisitive and unrelenting sister Barbara Morton. Alfred Hitchcock, the director, shows off his knack for thrill-inducing set pieces. […]

Review Rewind: ‘Swingers’

The Movie: “Swingers” The Year: 1996 The People: Jon Favreau as the recent dumpee Mike; Vince Vaughn as the womanizing Trent; Ron Livingston as Mike’s go-to friend for therapeutic relief, Rob; Patrick Van Horn as the easily angered Sue; and Heather Graham as the beautiful woman Mike meets at the end of the film, Lorraine. […]

Review Rewind: ‘Synecdoche, New York’

The Movie: “Synecdoche, New York” The Year: 2008 The People: Philip Seymour Hoffman as the neurotic and death-fearing theater director Caden; Samantha Morton as the quirky, flirtatious box office staff member Hazel; Catherine Keener as Caden’s fed-up, maritally drained wife Adele; and Charlie Kaufman as the brilliant screenwriter and director of the film. The Non-Revealing […]

The State of Horror

The recent shift in the horror genre of film directly coincides with the ever-increasing public awareness of mental health. What horror movies can do, which other genres can’t often do, is discuss and depict surreal truths that are deemed ‘touchy’ or ‘inappropriate.’ As is the case with any film touching on sensitive topics, there is a thin […]

Review Rewind: ‘Reservoir Dogs’

The Movie: Reservoir Dogs  The Year: 1992 The People: Harvey Keitel as Mr. White; Tim Roth as Mr. Orange; Steve Buscemi as Mr. Pink; Michael Madsen as the psychopathic Mr. Blonde; Quentin Tarantino as the first-time feature film director, Mr. Brown; Edward Bunker as Mr. Blue; Chris Penn as Nice Guy Eddie Cabot; and Lawrence […]

Steven Spielberg’s fight against Netflix

From within the upper echelons of Hollywood, a campaign has been mounted against the ever-growing streaming giant Netflix. Recently, director Steven Spielberg has upped the ante on his attempt to block Netflix-produced films from being considered for Academy Awards. He plans to propose changes to the criteria that films must abide by in order to be […]

Review Rewind: ‘Cool Hand Luke’

The Movie: “Cool Hand Luke” The Year: 1967 The People: Paul Newman as Luke Jackson (but given the nickname ‘Cool Hand Luke’), the prison’s newcomer who builds up a reputation, George Kennedy as Dragline, the high-spirited machismo of the prison who comes to idolize Cool Hand Luke and Strother Martin as the warden who reveals himself to be […]

Review Rewind: ‘The Giver’

The movie: The Giver The year: 2014 The people: Brenton Thwaites as the uncomfortably static lead character, Jonas; Odeya Rush as the incredibly boring love interest, Fiona; Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep as the Giver and Chief Elder, respectively, both roles completely underutilizing the acting abilities of the two stars; and Taylor Swift as The […]

Review Rewind: ‘Before Sunrise’

The Movie: “Before Sunrise“ The Year: 1995 The People: Ethan Hawke as the suave, philosophical American man, Jesse. Julie Delpy as the inviting, equally-philosophical Frenchwoman, Céline. Richard Linklater as a fourth-time director. The Non-Revealing Plot: Céline and Jesse meet on a train out of Budapest. Following a lengthy conversation with numerous ideas shared between the two, […]