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Oscars’ poor choices stir controversy

As the 2019 Oscars draw near, the ceremony’s controversies have been steadily increasing as well. Much of the backlash coming from members of Hollywood stems from the show-runners’ head-scratching decision to only televise certain categories, while public anger is centered around the proposed addition of a new category as well as from once-slated host Kevin […]

Review Rewind: ‘Come and See’

The Movie: Come and See  The Year: 1985 The People: Aleksey Kravchenko as Flyora, the decaying childbearing witness to the evilest of evils, Elem Klimov as the film’s director and Ales Adamovich as the screenwriter, relaying the horrors he lived through in his youth. The Non-Revealing Plot: In 1943, an adolescent boy passionately joins the local […]

Review Rewind: ‘Badlands’

The Movie: “Badlands” The Year: 1973 The People: Martin Sheen as the charismatic yet subdued murderer Kit Carruthers, Sissy Spacek as the doe-eyed, chronically unsure and unaware Holly Sargis and Terrence Malick as the visionary first-time director. The Non-Revealing Plot: Kit Carruthers starts a relationship with the noticeably younger, seemingly innocent Holly Sargis. They take […]

Review Rewind: ‘Fight Club’

The movie: “Fight Club” The year: 1999 The people: Edward Norton as the complex unnamed narrator and protagonist. Brad Pitt as the seductive soap salesman Tyler Durden. Helena Bonham Carter as the care-free support group impostor Marla Singer. Jared Leto as the high-energy, platinum-blonde-haired member of Fight Club Angel Face. Michael Lee Aday (aka Meat Loaf) as Robert Paulson, an […]

The 2019 Oscars: predictions, discussions, the voting process

This past Tuesday, the 2019 Oscar nominations were announced and, to the surprise of no one, there was plenty to cheer and kvetch about — an inevitable consequence of subjectivity. There were some surprise contenders, including Yalitza Aparicio’s Best Actress nomination for “Roma” (2018). It was the actress’ film debut and the first Best Actress nomination […]