Tommy Gillespie

Tommy Gillespie is an Arts & Living editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a senior majoring in English and Film & Media Studies. Tommy can be reached at

‘The City Without Jews’ shines unsettling spotlight on history of antisemitism

A copy of Austrian director H. K. Breslauer’s 1924 satirical film “The City Without Jews,” presumed lost for decades, was discovered in 2015 at a Paris flea market in astonishingly good condition. The film, based on Hugo Bettauer’s 1922 novel of the same name, became the subject of a crowdfunded restoration campaign led by the […]

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars’ reveals season four cast

Friday’s reveal of the line-up for “RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars” season four, scheduled to begin airing on Dec. 14, set off a wave of giddiness throughout the pop culture circuit. In an hour-plus special, last season’s winner, Trixie Mattel, along with fan-favorite queens from season two, Katya and Detox, announced the 10 queens who […]

‘22 July’ confronts extremism with a poised face

British director Paul Greengrass first gained mainstream recognition in 2004 with “The Bourne Supremacy.” The frenetic, rapid-cutting, unsteady camerawork of the Bourne series — somewhat derided by some critics as “shaky-cam” filmmaking — came to define action movies for the remainder of the 2000s, including the venerable James Bond series. Yet “22 July,” Greengrass’ Netflix-produced […]

‘Operation Finale’ squanders its history

The first impression that “Operation Finale” (2018) gave was that it has a Hollywood problem. Or maybe a history problem. Or perhaps a little bit of both. Regardless of semantics, it definitely has a problem. The Nazi-hunting thriller, produced by and starring Oscar Isaac, is a perfectly serviceable addition to the long line of similar […]

Seniors reflect on time in Tufts performance groups

Venture onto any Tufts athletic field toward the end of the spring semester, and you are likely to encounter a Senior Day celebration. Complete with flowers, parents, balloons and occasionally tears, these festivities serve as both a long-awaited culmination to seniors’ athletic careers at Tufts and a bittersweet send-off. At Tufts, however, this type of […]

Do it this Weekend: April 26-29

In addition to the Spring Fling weekend festivities, there are a number of things to do on campus this weekend. Be sure to check them out! FRIDAY “Movie Night: Moana” Details: Come see the hit animated film about a girl who goes on an adventure to protect her island this Friday. The event is free, and snacks will […]

‘Belle de Jour’ is a sultry portrait of its time

In May 1968, a nationwide general strike led by students and factory workers crippled the French economy and plunged the nation into a state of chaos. The situation reached a boiling point by May 29 when, fearing another revolution, President Charles De Gaulle fled the country to Germany, leaving the country without a leader for a […]

‘Unsane’ is an eerie, effective thriller shot on iPhone

If, as director Steven Soderbergh claims, films like “Unsane” (2018) are the future of cinema, then we can expect the movies of tomorrow to be atmospheric, seedy, chilling — and pretty good. Shot entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus, “Unsane” follows 20-something businesswoman Sawyer Valentini as she finds herself involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, where […]

3Ps’ ‘Red’ plunges into the mind of Mark Rothko

Visionary 20th-century artist Mark Rothko once claimed, “Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can only be explored by those willing to take the risk,” in a letter to the New York Times written with artist Adolph Gottlieb. Indeed, American playwright John Logan’s “Red” (2009), which is being performed on Balch Arena Theater by 3Ps (Pen, Paint, and […]

‘Three Billboards’ hurtles toward Oscar controversy

Coming off its Venice premiere in September (where it received a standing ovation), “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” (2017) received a flurry of early awards season buzz. Critics heaped their initial praise on its timely themes — violence against women, corrupt police and casual small-town racism — its gallows humor and its raw, mesmerizing performances, […]