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Roster Rundown: Fantasy football preview Week 11

Remember the Portsmouth Spartans? Sure you do! No? Well, they’re the reason why a field goal might be kicked as you dig into your third plate of turkey and stuffing. We’re about to celebrate another Thanksgiving, and it seems like a given that football comes with the affair. But how did a helmet-to-helmet sport become […]

Roster Rundown: Fantasy football preview, Week 10

As we close out the first half of the NFL season, my thoughts: First: Is Arizona the team to beat? The crafty Cardinals humiliated the 49ers on Sunday, cooking up a win without their top chef, Kyler Murray. Kliff Kingsbury’s group looks like a legitimate 8–1 force to be reckoned with.  Second: The AFC is […]

Roster Rundown: Fantasy football preview Week 9

Ah, the backup quarterback. A position no one pays attention to… until they have to. These next-in-line signal callers are often viewed as overpaid, but this past week illustrated why teams lay out the big bucks for them. We got to witness Trevor Seimian take the reins from an injured Jameis Winston and lead the […]

Roster Rundown: Fantasy football preview Week 8

Some things in this world are just made for each other. Summer and the pool. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Halloween and… football? I know, I know. Thanksgiving is supposed to be the holiday of pigskin. But wild things have taken place when Oct. 31 falls on an NFL Sunday.  Flashback to 1994, when the […]

Roster Rundown: Who’s hot and who’s cold in fantasy Week 5

Hey there! This is normally a place where I’d rave about Dak Prescott’s electric performance or preview the top players in a mouthwatering Sunday Bills/Chiefs matchup. This week, however, I’d like to introduce the column you’re reading. Welcome to Roster Rundown, a fantasy football spotlight chock full of news, stats and advice! Passionate about football […]