Timothy Charouk

Timothy Charouk is an Assistant Arts Editor at the Tufts Daily.

‘Foxcatcher’ is a slow-burning fuse but full of fire

“Foxcatcher,” released Nov. 14, is based on the true story of eccentric millionaire John du Pont, heir to the du Pont family fortune amassed from the DuPont chemical company. The film’s plot examines what success means to those who already have it. As if to bury his previous comedic work, Steve Carell completely changes his […]

Lila Ramani: The good, the bad and the blue

A young Lila Ramani sat in her high chair bobbing her head back and forth in between bites of Cheerios to the Spanish music her parents put on the stereo. After a checkup with the family pediatrician it was determined Ramani had a mild case of boogie fever, and was prescribed a guitar to treat the […]

RL Grime’s ‘VOID’ straddles genres and takes them for a ride

Henry Steinway began releasing smash club hits under the name Clockwork, producing remixes of songs by the big dogs of the EDM scene like Avicii. He found some success under the Clockwork moniker, but his connection to the work he produced sometimes seemed tenuous. He now seeks to establish himself as an artist in his own right under […]

Filmmaking scene at Tufts sees major expansion with new film major

Tufts is an environment that could foster a culture of artistic production and collaboration when it comes to making films. However, that hasn’t been the case — up until now. In a response to increased student interest, the Experimental College will begin to offer a film major starting next fall. Interest in filmmaking and digital media production has […]

Soubhik Barari, unapologetic and uncensored

Junior Soubhik Barari is the modern renaissance man — a bad boy in a band who specializes in computer science and romance. He is redefining what it means to be in a band in college, managing his time well so that neither work nor play is sacrificed; the only victim is sleep. Barari came to Tufts […]

Ryan Hemsworth’s new album takes on melancholic tone

Ryan Hemsworth’s latest release is entitled “Alone for the First Time.” Yet on this album he’s certainly not alone, and it’s definitely not his first release. Hemsworth has hand-picked independent artists, chosen through his Secret Songs record club — a community of like-minded electronic music producers cultivated by Hemsworth himself — to accompany him. Known primarily for his remixes […]

T-Pain (auto)tunes out critics

It begins with an advisory: “This video contains explicit language.” At first, it seems like T-Pain on NPR’s Tiny Desk should be funny. It sounds like a blast. Then he appears, and it’s not the T-Pain fans are used to — the one who wrote a song about falling deeply in love with an exotic dancer […]

Chaz Bundick builds latest moniker with first studio album

In 2010, Chaz Bundick, known to many as the indie-pop, chillwave, nu-disco (or almost any other genre out there) artist Toro Y Moi, began releasing music under a second moniker: Les Sins. Under this new name, Bundick has produced more dance-worthy music, characterized by strong bass. The three EPs released by Les Sins include club-friendly […]

‘Nightcrawler’ explores the dark side of the American dream

“If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket,” Lou (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) says repeatedly throughout “Nightcrawler.” These words reflect both Lou’s principles and those of the American dream. In fact, Lou, a keen young entrepreneur, aptly represents the tenants of this dream, putting hard work and […]

Flying Lotus comes to life in ‘You’re Dead!’

After exploring the urban jungle in “Los Angeles” (2008), embarking on a journey through space and time in “Cosmogramma” (2010) and capturing the essence of the night in “Until The Quiet Comes” (2012), Steven Ellison, also known as Flying Lotus, is at it again.  This time, he turns to his own life and experience of […]