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Editorial: There is power in a union

In the last two years, hundreds of thousands of American workers have gone on strike, including thousands of teachers in red states and large cities, 7,000 hotel workers in eight large cities and 30,000 grocery workers in New England. Meanwhile, the Industrial Workers of the World has launched an ambitious campaign to unionize fast food […]

Editorial: Tufts betrays itself through Sackler ties

The time has long since passed for Tufts University to sever ties with Purdue Pharma. After the January lawsuit brought against Purdue by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey revealed the corrupt relationship between the Sackler family and Tufts University, students and faculty throughout our university, and at the Tufts University School of Medicine in particular, […]

Statement on ‘Op-Ed: Real justice in Palestine’

To the Tufts community, especially our Arab, Muslim, LGBT and Palestinian members, The Tufts Daily published the op-ed titled “Real Justice in Palestine” on April 5, 2019. “Real Justice in Palestine” drew a false equivalency between countries with largely Muslim populations and Arab countries, and further suggested that such places are uniquely homophobic, in contrast […]

Editorial: Advising should be more comprehensive

Pre-major advising in its current form does not provide adequate support to students who are deciding which classes to take. Though it is designed to help students find interesting classes before they select a major, pre-major advising often falls short. A single meeting with an advisor isn’t enough to give students a clear picture of […]

Editorial: First-years should have the option to choose roommates

The Class of 2022 is the first class of students mandated to be randomly assigned roommates in their first year. The Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife) changed their roommate selection policies last year, hoping to group first-years of disparate identities and thus “broaden their horizons.” The policy takes the pressure off of incoming […]

Editorial: Reading period is too short

It’s the end of the semester — classes and extracurriculars are winding down and finals are rapidly approaching. Before we know it, the libraries, Mayer Campus Center, dining halls and dorms will be full of students cramming for their final exams. Reading period begins on Tuesday, April 30 and ends on Thursday, May 2, giving […]

Editorial: We support the striking Stop & Shop workers

Stop & Shop workers are making history. Within seven days, 31,000 workers at hundreds of stores in New England walked off the job. The contract between Stop & Shop, a subsidiary of the Dutch retail giant Ahold Delhaize, and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) expired on Feb. 23 as workers across New England voted to […]

Editorial: Tufts students should be better neighbors

The majority of Tufts upperclassmen live off-campus in Medford and Somerville, due to the limited on-campus housing. While Tufts students make a serious effort to get involved in community events and issues, the growing number of students being pushed off campus is increasing town-gown tensions. Somerville residents interviewed by the Daily expressed common concerns stemming from student […]

Editorial: The Board of Trustees should have public meetings

The Board of Trustees wields a great deal of power in determining the future of Tufts; according to its website, “the Board appoints the President, who leads and manages the institution; approves the University’s mission and purpose, institutional policies and changes in academic programs; guards the University’s finances; and sets an example of generous financial […]

Editorial: A response to the President’s letter on the Sackler family

How many people have to die before Tufts cuts ties with the Sackler family? Is 50,000 nationwide too many? How about 2,000 in Massachusetts? Seventeen in Medford? Sixteen in Somerville? President Monaco’s email stated that Tufts will investigate whether “we adhered to our policies and if our policies adopted best practices with respect to academic and research integrity […]