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Letter from the Managing Board: Renewing our commitment to inclusivity, sustainability

Dear Daily readers, Print journalism is increasingly difficult in the 21st century. While advertising demand fluctuates, printing and distribution costs remain high. This problem is especially acute for our Friday issues, which have often failed to garner enough advertising to pay off production costs. To face this new reality, we have changed the way the Daily works […]

Editorial: Tufts must support Group of Six by filling vacancies, increasing center staff

The Group of Six, which promotes events, discussion and community through the lens of social identities, is critically important for Tufts students looking to access the unique resources and support systems that its centers offer. The Group of Six is made up of the Africana Center, the Asian American Center, the FIRST Resource Center, the Latino Center, the LGBT Center and […]

Editorial: Invest in your academic success

The transition to college academics is an adjustment. Class material is more focused; learning concepts might involve turning to a textbook for the first time in your life; and professors can seem like a far-removed entity whose schedules permit few office hours. Do not panic if your fine-tuned study habits from high school fall short. Tufts offers […]

Editorial: Tiered housing system needs greater transparency

The university administration recently announced that it will be implementing a tiered housing system starting in fall 2019. Aside from first-year housing and traditional doubles, triples and quads, on-campus housing prices will increase by $190 to $1,999, depending on the dormitory and housing unit variations. According to the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife), the new […]

Editorial: Hello Class of 2022!

Welcome to Tufts! What you are experiencing at this very moment is going to be one of the most transformative experiences of your life. Your first few weeks are rife with emotions: excitement and tradition coupled with naivety and confusion. Finding your niche as a Jumbo will take time, but with the right resources you […]

Editorial: Tufts must promote accessibility, limit tuition hikes

The question of tuition rates has long been a topic of conversation among students and the Tufts administration, particularly since the recent announcement that tuition will increase by 3.76 percent for the 2018–2019 academic year. This brings the total yearly rate to $70,941, according to a Daily article. In order to uphold Tufts’ commitment to […]

Editorial: Tufts students should give back to Medford and Somerville communities

Tufts University, as an educational institution, is exempt from a variety of taxes due to its non-profit status. Essentially, Tufts pays less to federal and local governments because it is classified as a charitable organization. Instead of these taxes, Tufts uses payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) to partially offset the lack of taxes paid […]

Editorial: Senior Dinner should be less career-focused, more celebratory

On three nights over the span of the past two weeks, seniors flooded into Gifford House in their best ‘business casual’ attire, looking forward to one of the first senior events of graduation season, a night that promised to honor Tufts seniors with good food, an open mic for students to share their best memories and […]

Op-Ed: Tufts Facilities upper management takes corporate America stance, jeopardizing students, staff and workers

Editor’s Note: This letter was written by an anonymous Facilities employee who withheld their name out of concern for their job. Tufts Facilities is deeply involved in major changes, changes which have their workers scratching their heads and sighing in frustration. Tufts Facilities has begun a new project involving its main facilities location on 520 Boston Avenue in […]

To our readers

At the Daily, we strive to ensure that what we publish in our paper is fair, accurate and upholds the values of the community we serve. One of the columns published in the Daily on April 17, “Surveying the rap scene,” failed to abide by our standards. The column, whether intentionally or not by the […]