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5/11/2014 – Medford/Somerville, MA, 02155
Letter from the Editors: Announcing the inaugural Tufts Daily Diversity & Inclusion Report

The Diversity & Inclusion Report embedded below represents The Tufts Daily’s first comprehensive effort to gather insights into the composition of our staff and their experiences in our organization. The report was compiled by a group of the Daily’s current and former student leaders under the purview of the paper’s Intentionality & Inclusivity Committee.  The […]

Editorial: It’s high time to end legacy admissions

The time has come to end legacy admissions at Tufts. In November, the Tufts Community Union Senate passed a resolution calling on undergraduate admissions to remove questions on applications regarding whether applicants have a familial connection to the university, whether to current students, alumni or faculty. Last month, the faculty senate passed a similar resolution […]

Editorial: Tufts community deserves better communication from university administration

Though COVID-19 restrictions may be easing, Tufts students and the Tufts community still face a number of challenging decisions. At the Daily, we strive to report honest and timely accounts of academics and campus life to keep the Tufts community safe and informed.  Amid the pandemic, students at Tufts relied on the university for data […]

Editorial: Commingled funds put Tufts at odds with social values

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Tufts community has drawn attention to the fact that Russian securities make up a small but notable portion of the university’s endowment. In the wake of this scrutiny, university representatives have expressed an unwillingness to divest from the four commingled funds Tufts has invested in […]

Editorial: Tufts admissions process favors wealthy applicants. That needs to change.

Students have long expressed frustration over the university’s lack of budget transparency and its implications for admissions. The rate of Tufts’ students receiving financial aid has remained low and stagnant, hovering around 46% for the past five years, according to the university factbook. Tufts has long practiced “need-aware” admissions, meaning a students’ ability to pay […]

Editorial: Tufts infrastructure fails to accommodate student enrollment

For Tufts students, it’s clear the university is expanding — it’s also clear that Tufts cannot bear this expansion. From longer lines in the dining halls to difficulties registering for classes, and the ever-present chaos of housing strains, the university is already struggling to accommodate the needs of all its current students. Last week, Tufts […]

BREAKING: Landlord’s lawsuit against student journalists dismissed with prejudice

Friday, April 1, 1:15 p.m. Fray-Witzer and Emilie Grossman, Rizkallah’s attorney, filed a joint stipulation of dismissal on Friday. The entire document is embedded below and can be accessed online. Wednesday, March 30, 10:02 a.m. Evan Fray-Witzer of Ciampa Fray-Witzer, LLP, attorney for Janoff and Thompson, filed an answer to Rizkallah’s complaint on March 29. […]

Editorial: Students need coordinated sexual assault prevention measures

At this point in the spring semester, Green Dot training for varsity athletes is approaching quickly, and a campus-wide revival of in-person social events makes it even more important now than during semesters spent in partial lockdown. Promoted at Tufts starting in 2016, Green Dot is an on-campus organization providing trainings and workshops that encourage […]

Editorial: Course policies unfairly expect in-person attendance

As many classes return to an in-person format, Tufts students who remain isolated or in quarantine due to positive COVID-19 tests or contact tracing continue to face many difficulties compared to classmates who are able to attend every class session. In response, some professors remain aware of the challenges that a COVID-19-related absence may bring […]