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Editorial: Our generation, left waiting for more death

Content warning: This article heavily discusses mass shootings, death, gore and violence. Where were you when 26 were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School? Where were you when 17 were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.? Where were you when 21 were killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas? Where […]

Editorial: To the spirit of Ukraine

When missiles began to pierce the night sky and rain down on Kyiv a year ago, we did not think we would be able to write this piece. Like many analysts, we suspected Russia’s war crimes would lead to the tragic death of Ukraine and its people. At the time, calls abounded for Ukrainian President […]

Editorial: Before you blame ‘the media,’ read the news

If you were an Instagram user in 2019, you likely remember an early iteration of online outrage: the Amazon rainforest wildfires. As fires tore through the Brazilian Amazon — partly due to regular farming practices and partly due to excessive deforestation — social media users were quick to direct outrage toward the news media. “Even […]

Editorial: On a free student press

With tomorrow marking 54 years since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Tinker v. Des Moines, a case fundamental in affirming the First Amendment rights of students, we write to stress the importance of a responsible free press and the important role of student newspapers in holding university leadership accountable and ensuring an informed readership. The […]

Editorial: Tufts’ newly purchased property should become on-campus pub

Tufts recently purchased 325–331 Boston Avenue, a property on the corner of Boston Avenue and Winthrop Street in Medford that formerly housed Hillside Hardware. We believe that the property should become an on-campus pub to cultivate a safer, more cohesive community. The property, which was sold in December for $1.7 million, “is in poor shape […]

Editorial: Vote ‘yes’ on the TCU constitution referendum

On Wednesday, the Tufts Community Union Senate will bring a new TCU constitution to referendum by the student body. Voting will begin at noon and conclude the next day, Thursday, Feb. 2, at noon. We urge students to vote to ratify the new constitution in order to create a safer, more inclusive community. Perhaps the […]

Editorial: Tufts’ actions fall short of its commitment to DEIJ

The same morning the Supreme Court heard arguments for the case that could end affirmative action in America, Tufts students received an email affirming the university’s commitment to inclusive, holistic admissions.  “At Tufts, we celebrate diversity and recognize its power to enlighten, teach, and bridge differences,” University President Anthony Monaco wrote. “Indeed, it is foundational […]

Editorial: Tufts dropped in the U.S. News and World Report rankings. Who cares?

One of the biggest challenges in the transition to college is time management. Students find many different approaches to deal with this problem, but one tip we recommend is to avoid activities that waste your time — those that truly have no purpose and bring no joy. There are many examples that might sound familiar […]