Stina Stannik is a senior majoring in peace and justice studies. She can be reached at She is also a contributing writer at the Tufts Daily.

After Years: Chapter Five

Editor’s note: This column is part of a fictional weekly serial. The land behind her grandfather’s house might have been a barnyard once, if with imagination one reconstructed the stone walls and weeded the garden. Cecilia had come outside to call Ian once she could be sure he would be at work and it would […]

After Years: Chapter Four

Editor’s note: This column is part of a fictional weekly serial. Edgar shut the kitchen door, watching the ceiling intently as if he could see Alicia walking the floor above. Cecilia watched, bemused, from the table. “We only have a moment, but there’s something I must tell you. I’ve told your mother I’m dying, but […]

After Years: Chapter Three

Editor’s note: This column is part of a fictional weekly serial. Edgar had been watching the car wind towards his house for the better part of half an hour now. So open were the fields between here and the horizon. For 30 years, any movement on the road had caused his heart to clench — lock […]

In third season, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ squanders opportunities for character development

Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” premiered in 2013 to solid reviews and success at the Golden Globes but has done little more than plug along since. Somewhere along the line, “Nine-Nine” became a comedy procedural: serviceable and at times genuinely funny but certainly not must-see TV. Viewers can expect a weekly case and goofy shenanigans undertaken in […]

After Years: Chapter Two

Editor’s note: This column is part of a fictional weekly serial. “…and if I find out you’ve given my name to any mailing lists, there WILL be hell to pay!” Finding her tirade’s target out of earshot, Cecilia stood on the curb for a moment, allowing herself the indulgence of a self-righteousness that passed too […]

‘Jane the Virgin’ attempts to reinvent itself in its second season

CW’s telenovela-inspired “Jane the Virgin” began in 2014 with a simple premise: Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), a young teacher-in-training and aspiring romance novelist, promises her devout Catholic abuela that she will wait until marriage to have sex, but she is accidentally artificially inseminated by Dr. Luisa Alver (Yara Martinez). Alver has also just found out that […]

After Years: Chapter One

Editor’s note: This column is part of a fictional weekly serial. The millisecond before the bathroom’s motion-sensor lights came on allowed enough anonymity and formlessness for Cecilia to noticeably relax. She started to wash her hands but, finding herself in the mirror, shook her head in exasperation and instead pushed open the window on the […]

Final thoughts

I came into Tufts-in-Ghana with cookie-cutter ideas about the personal growth I would have. “I’ll see the world from a different perspective, learn to navigate cultural differences and figure out how much to change myself for a new culture.” All that has been true, for sure. I’ve learned that life in Ghana is not that different […]

Too little, too much, just right

By the time you read this, I will have less than three weeks left in Ghana. I feel like I only just began this whole process yesterday – and when you consider that I only truly started thinking about studying in Ghana a bit over a year ago, it was a pretty fast turnaround. But […]

Normalizing generosity

In American culture, generosity feels like an exceptional quality. We don’t all exhibit it all of the time; when we do, we often expect gratitude or reciprocation. I have a spatial sense of generosity as being an extension beyond the expected. In Ghana, generosity is commonplace. People will go out of their way to help […]