Sophie Dasinger

Sophie Dasinger is a Contributing Writer for Features at the Tufts Daily. She is a senior majoring in Computer Science. She can be reached at [email protected]

New mentorship program aims to strengthen sense of belonging among students of color

According to a report of the Council on Diversity released in December of 2013, minority students reported experiencing a significant deficiency in faculty mentorship while at Tufts. To address this, Tufts has started a new mentorship program, aiming to improve the experience of underrepresented students by facilitating student-faculty relationships. “Focus group data from multiple Tufts sources points to classroom-based problems […]

New tomato sauce sparks interest in locally grown Tufts Dining offerings

As part of Tufts’ efforts to reduce its environmental impact, the dining halls have added various local foods to their menus. Beginning this semester, these culinary additions and substitutions include locally produced tomato sauce. “We’ve really enjoyed this resurgence of trying to revitalize the regional food system,” Patti Klos, director of Dining and Business Services, said. “We developed a […]

Jon Danilowicz, new Diplomat in Residence for New England, discusses his role at Tufts, career in foreign service

Jon Danilowicz, the newly appointed U.S Department of State’s Diplomat in Residence (DIR) for the New England area, has spent 26 years working as a foreign service officer and is now based at Tufts. According to the State Department website, “[DIRs] are career Foreign Service Officers and Specialists located [at colleges and universities] throughout the [United States] who […]

On-campus book clubs facilitate literary discussion outside classroom

The average Tufts student is hardly short on material to read. With hundreds of pages of reading assigned to some students each week, it can be difficult for Jumbos to imagine how they would find the time to read a book simply for fun. Yet, despite schedules often packed with academic reading, many Tufts community members participate in the […]

Tufts Racing Team overcomes past years’ obstacles for first place finish

After undergoing some organizational changes in the past few years in order to build a stronger program, the Tufts Racing Team, a student group that designs and builds electric race cars, has recently found success in competition. In a significant victory, they came in first place in the 2015 Formula Hybrid Competition in the electric-only category this past April.  “The Tufts Racing Team began in […]

Sol Gittleman returns to Intro to Yiddish Culture this spring, reflects on 50 years

Professor Sol Gittleman began his time at Tufts over 50 years ago. Since then, he has become one of the most enduring and respected members of the school’s faculty and holds the title of Tufts’ longest-serving provost. He has taught a number of undergraduate courses, and his Intro to Yiddish Culture course, taken by students across disciplines, is still one of […]

Tufts Debate Society a strong competitor in international tournament

The Tufts Debate Society, the only official student-run competitive debate team at Tufts, is coming off a strong semester in which it hosted a tournament and competed at the World Universities Debating Championship. According to senior Noah Kirsch, the team’s president, the team’s membership and skill have grown considerably in just a few short years. “When I was a […]

Tufts professor pioneers biomedical research in silks

Professor David Kaplan, the chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tufts, has dedicated over two decades to his research in naturally produced silks, namely spider silk and silkworm silk. The Daily sat down with Kaplan to discuss his research and its applications. The Tufts Daily: Why did you first get involved with research […]

Tufts SSDP hosts speaker highlighting problems in U.S. drug policy

In 1970, the United States government passed a federal law entitled the “Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act.” This piece of legislation marked the beginning of an aggressive, multiple decade-long effort to regulate drug use. Many advocates for changing the drug policy in the United States, however, argue that the laws currently in place […]

New Tufts Chaplaincy series seeks civil dialogue on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

While there are a number of on-campus groups that support different perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there is not always a great deal of successful communication between them. “Restoring Dignity in the Israel-Palestine Conversation,” a new “third-space” conversation series sponsored by the Tufts University Chaplaincy, aims to open up the dialogue among students. According to […]