Humans of Tufts: Katrina Lin ’24

  Sophia Grekin: “You said … ‘I was young and dumb.’ Do you have a memory [you associate with that?]” Katrina Lin: “Oh my god, which one though… Oh my gosh so when I was little I read a lot of fantasy books. So I, like, tricked myself into thinking I was a witch.”  KL: […]

Humans of Tufts: Katie Yang ’24

  Sophia Grekin: “What is the most influential advice or motto you live by?” Katie Yang: “I can’t remember the Latin word for it, but ‘you will always die’ — [memento mori]. Yeah, you will die, basically. In my art I want to do installations and I want to center it around that idea, that […]

Humans of Tufts: Henry Ammirato ’24

Sophia Grekin (SG): What do you want to do with your money? Henry Ammirato (HA): Keep it. I want to retire. SG: You don’t want to spend it on anything? HA: Well you know, I can eventually retire one day and that’s all I really want to do. That’s the goal — retire. SG: What […]