Spoonfuls: Out and About in Somerville

I found myself in the company of an old friend this past Sunday. After he transferred from my high school during his first year, I’d really only seen him grow up via Instagram, and now, here we were: two fully formed handsome humans armed with the recollections of 15-year-olds. This felt like it should’ve been […]

Spoonfuls: Soup Shack

When I was a first-year, I wasn’t comfortable eating alone in dining halls. It terrified me. I didn’t want to be seen overloading my plate, or appear lonely and friend-less. Often, I just didn’t eat because of it. I kept crackers and granola bars in my room to satiate myself, or planned meals days in […]

Spoonfuls: Taco Party

Monday felt like one of the coldest days thus far, so I admittedly drove over to Ball Square after TDC practice in search of comfort food in the form of beans and cheese. It’s so easy to assume that Davis is the only place to satisfy your cravings in Somerville. Walk a couple blocks in […]

Spoonfuls: Tasty Mo:Mo

Tasty Mo:Mo is one of those restaurants I pass continually and always say I’ll try out, but never get around to. It’s an unassuming Nepalese institution, housed on a corner of Magoun Square only a short walk away from the Powder House roundabout. The vinyl sign above the door boasts one claim: “Delicious Dumplings,” written […]

Spoonfuls: Spooky drag at Aeronaut and Carolicious

  It’s Halloween, Jumbos, and take it from me, Halloween themed food and drink is a lot easier to make than it is to find. That is, unless you’re psyched for the Applebee’s drink specials or that Dunkin spider donut. I opted instead for a spooky drag show at a brewery and restaurant combo I’d […]

Spoonfuls: Tu y Yo

Powder House Square is home to more than just a chaotic roundabout. It is the launching point for every trip to Davis or to the infamous Pub Tuesdays. It boasts the birthday tradition of Yoshi’s — a likely site for numerous sushi pregames during this fine Scorpio season. I can’t say much on this, but […]

Spoonfuls: Dakzen

I had a mixed experience at Dakzen, a Thai street-food restaurant in Davis Square. Still, I’m reluctant to describe it as such. I think it’s important to explore why this is.   I stated in my last column that one of the missions of this series would be the promotion of restaurants in the Medford/Somerville area […]

Spoonfuls: Guru the Caterer

I grew up eating Rhode Island fried seafood dipped in white chowder, my mother’s hearty Russian borscht and my French-Canadian mémère’s meat pie — homey, no-frills food made from unwritten recipes with no want of potatoes. When COVID-19 began, I knew places like our favorite clam shop were just inching by. It was shocking to […]