Bored & Confused: Where are conspiracy theories from?

This week, Mike Hughes, a California limousine driver, intends to launch himself 1,800 feet (549 meters) high on a homemade rocket. His goal is to photograph the earth, to show proof of the flat Earth on which we live. “It’ll shut the door on this ball earth,” Hughes said in an interview with a flat-Earth […]

Bored & Confused: What is net neutrality?

While we’ve been enjoying our Thanksgiving meals, we soon may not be able to enjoy another key pleasure in life: net neutrality. So, what exactly is net neutrality, and why does it matter? Net neutrality is “the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all sorts of digital traffic equally.” Columbia Law School Professor Tim […]

Bored & Confused: Is foreign aid helpful?

Foreign aid, in the modern sense, has meant government to government transactions in which the United States gives a huge amount of relief supplies to countries in need.  According to Professor Angus Deaton of Princeton University, “$134 billion of official aid still flows from donor governments to recipient governments.” However, all of this “aid” is almost […]

Bored & Confused: What determines happiness?

Happiness sounds pretty simple: “a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life.” That doesn’t sound too hard to accomplish, right? And there are so many comprehensive guides explaining how to do it too! This October, Albert Einstein’s “Theory of Happiness,” a tip written on hotel stationery detailing how to live a happy life, sold for […]

Bored & Confused: How will the world end?

Midterm season often feels like the world is ending; there are tests, projects and deadlines coming from left and right. But while we’re here freaking out about the possible end of our worlds coming from the end of our academic careers, when and how will the world actually end? Let’s explore how different sources explain […]

Bored & Confused: What do our Google searches say about us?

“What sound do pandas make?” “Why are children so annoying?”  “Why don’t I enjoy sex?”  “Are ravens as fast as on Game of Thrones?” These are just a few of the pressing questions Googlers have asked this year. And while these queries do sound a bit ridiculous, we’ve all definitely had our moments turning to […]

Bored & Confused: Am I an elitist?

At Tufts, students seem to despise the wealthy classes, striking down anything that represents power, aristocracy or elitism. Tufts students think of themselves as above the elitist nature one would find at, say, Harvard. We’re down to earth. We don’t sell out to Wall Street. We’re quirky. However, Tufts is elitist, too. When asking the […]

Bored & Confused: How would time travel work?

Sometimes, I think that having a big, old “rewind” button would make everything better. Hindsight and just one flick of a switch to rewind would seem to solve all my problems and cringe-worthy moments. I’ve also thought of traveling into the future — I want to see new technology and changes, and how society evolved […]

Bored & Confused: Why some people sleep easily, and others don’t

If you’re like me, you likely need total darkness and quiet to get a good night’s sleep. Even then, it’ll take over an hour of lying in bed, pretending to sleep, before you actually fall asleep. If you’re like me, you also envy those who can fall asleep at a moment’s notice, seemingly by command. […]

Bored & Confused: Why is avocado so popular?

“Millennial: your generation got houses and jobs Boomer: yes but we lived with constant fear of nuclear winter Millennial: hold my avocado” — Twitter user @kennethn Ken Norton’s tweet may be the ultimate embodiment of the millennial generation: one fraught with worries about future employment and stability, yet comforted by the promise of a rich, […]