Setenay Mufti is an arts editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a senior majoring in classics. She can be reached at

‘Madeline’s Madeline’ blends metaphor, reality through one girl’s eyes

“There you are,” the blurry, zoomed-in face of a nurse says to the audience in the first image of the “Madeline’s Madeline” (2018). Is she speaking to us the viewers, to a baby being born or to a patient rising from sleep? “What you are experiencing is just a metaphor,” the nurse seems to reassure. But […]

‘Museum of Capitalism’ gives reactionary, multi-faceted response to U.S. economics

The traveling “Museum of Capitalism” exhibit currently on display at the Tufts School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) describes itself as “an institution dedicated to educating present and future generations about the history, philosophy, and legacy of capitalism through exhibitions, research, and publication.” In reality, it is a thorough and biting critique of capitalism through […]

‘The Night is Short, Walk on Girl’ is a tender, magical triumph

Overseen by visionary director Masaaki Yuasa, already known for “Kaiba” (2008) and “The Tatami Galaxy” (2010), “The Night is Short, Walk on Girl” (2017) is an adventure in absurdity, held together with unique hilarity and masterful animation. Based on Tomihiko Morimi’s novel of the same name, the film follows a Kyoto University student through the adventures of one impossibly long […]

Greater Boston arts and living guide

Despite being a small city, the arts scene in Boston is massive and sometimes overwhelming. Fear not: whether you’re a movie buff, a fine arts connoisseur or are just curious about local artists and art spaces, the greater Boston area has something for everyone. Check out our suggestions, and get acquainted even before the semester […]

A guide to the hidden gems of Boston’s museum scene

Boston boasts many famous museums, but some of their collections and exhibits tend to slip under the radar. This is the Daily’s guide to halls and wings of Boston’s art museums you don’t want to miss. The Museum of Fine Arts: The “Art of the Ancient World” wing The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in the Fenway […]

‘Chappaquiddick’ plunges into Kennedy crisis

Before the era of Stormy Daniels and Facebook selling our information to political campaigns, there was Chappaquiddick. All but forgotten in the epic legacy of the Kennedy family, it was the scandal that resulted in the death of an innocent woman. Senator Ted Kennedy was there. Whether he was guilty or not is another story, one that […]

Tufts Ballroom’s ‘A Night at the Movies’ showcases theatrical glam

Tufts Ballroom put on their showcase “A Night at the Movies” this past Friday. Full of glitz, glam, emotion and fun, here’s a recap of the student-run, student-choreographed showcase. “Pink Panther (Guest Swing Solo)”: The show opened with a guest couple performing a sultry, fun swing dance to a remix of the iconic Pink Panther franchise […]

‘T.C. Cannon’ tackles Vietnam, Native American history at Peabody Essex Museum

Native art is too often portrayed as an ancient practice and displayed as the archaeological discovery of a people that only existed in the past. When thinking of notable Native Americans, many people think of warriors or ambassadors hundreds of years ago who were only famous for their relationships with European settlers… and maybe Sherman Alexie. “T.C. Cannon: […]

‘The Party’ is not lit

“The Party” (2017), released in the United States on Feb. 16, had potential. Affairs, death, politics, cocaine and the ultimate Chekhov’s gun — the makings of an epic political comedy in a one-act dinner party setting — are all there. Unfortunately, the politics and humor fall flat. Directed by Sally Potter, “The Party” centers on Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas), and the […]

Tufts drama department’s ‘Lysistrata’ reinvents a classic

Gird your loins, Tufts. The Tufts Department of Drama and Dance will premier the great Greek comedy “Lysistrata” on Thursday, Feb. 15. Directed by Tufts’ own Sheriden Thomas — a senior lecturer in the department — and based on Ellen McLaughlin’s modern adaptation, this version of “Lysistrata” will take a time-honored tale of war, peace, sex and […]