Sarah Crawford is the Executive Features Editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a senior who is studying psychology and international relations. Sarah can be reached at [email protected]

Thanksgiving 101: A few recipes to get you started

Enjoy some Thanksgiving recipes from sophomore Hana Tzou and junior Alex Walter! It’s possible to cook most of these dishes in a dorm kitchen with minimal ingredients, so they’re optimal for your Friendsgiving plans if you won’t be traveling home to celebrate with family this year.

Students weigh climate policy in 2020 election, prepare for postelection advocacy

The next administration will play a role in shaping the future environment for decades to come with the policies it implements over the next four years.

Ethics Bowl provides setting for students to consider implications of philosophy

Ethics Bowl is a class housed within the Department of Philosophy that is available to students during the fall semester. The course is unique in that it includes an ethics competition between students. According to Susan Russinoff, a senior lecturer in the department which has hosted the Ethics Bowl class since it started six years […]

Music engineering minor brings together technology, art

Since the launch of the Musical Instrument Engineering program in 1998, Tufts has been bridging two constantly evolving fields: music and technology. According to its website, the program, now called the Music Engineering program, expanded in 2011 to include music recording and production and electronic instrument design as a part of its curriculum. However, the minor in […]

Architectural studies majors form new student club for building skills, community

Juniors Elizabeth Cornfeld and Jane Nasta, both architectural studies majors, founded the Tufts Architecture Society this fall. Prior to its creation, there was no group on campus specifically for students interested in architecture, according to Cornfeld. “We noticed when we came to Tufts that there was no club that was strictly devoted to architecture,” Cornfeld […]

Q&A: Assistant Director of Housing Operations Angelic Sosa discusses housing issues

Housing at Tufts is nothing if not complicated. With the creation of CoHo, the introduction of the tiered housing system and the upcoming move of first-years from Houston Hall to Miller Hall, there is a need for more clarity, information and assistance. Tufts hired a new assistant director of housing operations, Angelic Sosa, in the summer of 2018. A reporter from the […]

Tufts enhances advising structure for first-generation, low-income, undocumented students

Tufts is set to launch several new programs this semester that seek to improve the experiences of historically underserved student communities. The FIRST Resource Center, an initiative of the Office for Student Success and Advising (OSSA), aims to provide a resource network for the university’s first-generation, low-income and undocumented populations, according to a joint email Associate Provost and Chief […]

Senior Profile: Amanda Borquaye, Margo Bender advocate for prison reform

Graduating seniors and close friends Amanda Borquaye and Margo Bender have had some of their most meaningful experiences at Tufts through their involvement with the Tufts University Prison Initiative at the Tisch College of Civic Life (TUPIT). Borquaye, who majored in international relations and sociology, had done volunteer work in juvenile detention centers in high school […]

PUMPD creates community for students with Type 1 diabetes

While many Tufts students have a general idea of how many calories are in their favorite foods, most are unaware of the number of carbohydrates they consume throughout the day. For students living with Type 1 diabetes, however, it is a constant concern. On March 27, Peer and Undergraduate Mentoring for People with Diabetes (PUMPD) […]

Question-and-Answer: Alderman-at-Large Will Mbah on immigrant story, goals for Somerville

Will Mbah, an immigrant from Cameroon, was elected as Somerville Alderman-at-Large in November 2017. He campaigned on the promise that he would help ensure the welfare of the people of Somerville, in part by increasing affordable housing and responsible development. The Daily recently sat down with Mbah to discuss his motivations for serving on the Board of […]