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Sarah Wiener is a senior studying philosophy. Sarah can be reached at [email protected]

Op-ed: Tufts must adopt an evidence-based, safe and equitable approach to Senior Week and Commencement

Tufts has made the decision to conduct an entirely virtual Senior Week and an entirely virtual university-wide commencement on May 23. While these decisions are obviously understandable, the university’s decision to end COVID-19 surveillance testing and remove seniors from on-campus housing over a week before the May 23 commencement date is not. There are three main reasons that this decision is inequitable, reckless and poses a threat to our host communities.

Op-Ed: Transparency and the university budget

When housing prices increase, where does the money go? Why are we in a deficit, and what is the university doing to change it? Decisions made on our university’s budget are often obscured from student view. While of course there are some aspects of university spending that should not be disclosed to students, such as […]

Op-Ed: A Conversation to continue

“Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a newly elected freshmen representative on TCU Senate.” To which they usually respond, “Don’t even get me started, have you heard what happened last year?” It seems to me Senate’s identity on campus has become synonymous with one resolution, and as shocking as that is for a naive, excited first […]