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Weidner’s Words: The unequal levels of player empowerment

At the 2019 Sloan Sports and Analytics Conference at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on March 1–2, Bill Simmons, a sports analyst and podcaster, interviewed Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA. The hour-long interview covered many topics, but one of the first addressed was player empowerment. For the last five to 10 years across all the major sports […]

Weidner’s Words: Leadership in NBA Locker Rooms

For the first time since 2011, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are dominating the headlines of the NBA. It’s not because they are the favorites to compete for the title like almost a decade ago, but rather because they seem to be stuck in an endless cycle of team dysfunction. Whether the coverage […]

Weidner’s Words: The Student-Athlete Myth

Just 30 seconds into the vaunted rivalry matchup between Duke and the University of North Carolina (UNC) on Wednesday, Duke’s high-flying first-year star Zion Williamson went down with a sprained knee and a split-in-half shoe. It was an injury that at first glance looked much worse than its reality, but it provided another reminder of the […]

Weidner’s Words: Kaepernick and the NFL settle

On Friday afternoon, it was reported that the ongoing collusion case between former 49ers quarterback and prominent social activist Colin Kaepernick, his former teammate Eric Reid and the NFL had finally reached a conclusion. Kaepernick and Reid’s lawyers decided to settle with the NFL before the case entered the full hearing, according to a statement […]

Weidner’s Words: Coaches in the NFL

The NFL season wrapped up with the Patriots on top once again, and as each team heads into the offseason, fans and analysts take a step back to look at the season as a whole. Scorching hot offensive play and record-high scoring characterized the 2018 NFL season, along with an uptick in ratings and the break-out of […]

Weidner’s Words: Business of the NBA

NBA Twitter exploded over last week’s frenzy of trade rumors — most notably, Anthony Davis wanting to leave the New Orleans Pelicans. It all tipped off on Monday when Davis told the team that he wanted to be traded to a championship-contending team, and his agent Rich Paul informed the Associated Press that he would […]

Weidner’s Words: A changing league

Gregg Popovich, considered by many as one of the greatest basketball coaches in NBA history, took a surprising stance on the state of the league in a recent interview before a game in Chicago. Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, told reporters that he believes the recent analytical trend in the NBA — […]

Weidner’s Words: Changing perceptions

Luka Dončić has had a breakout rookie year thus far, revitalizing a Dallas Mavericks fan base that hasn’t had this level of excitement since Dirk Nowitzki willed his team to the 2011 NBA championship with a performance for the ages. Dončić has created a highlight reel full of lobs to DeAndre Jordan and stepback threes that […]

Weidner’s Words: Around the JBA

This past year was the first year of the newest basketball league, known as the Junior Basketball Association (JBA). This league is the brainchild of LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand, marketed as an alternative to the NCAA for players who wish to continue playing past high school but don’t want to go the route of […]

Weidner’s Words: The Norway way

Money has invaded American youth sports more and more in recent years. According to a recent report by the Aspen Institute, youth sports have grown into a $17 billion industry. This money, however, hasn’t led to an increase in youth sports participation — rather, the opposite. Participation in youth baseball, basketball, football and soccer has declined since […]