Sam Russo is an outreach coordinator at the Tufts Daily. Sam is a sophomore studying computer science and can be reached at [email protected]

Potty Talk: Shower talk

We’ve all been there. You sit down in class on a hot day, only to realize that you just don’t smell as good as you should. You can blame it on the weather or the hill, or you can take matters into your own hands with one of the showers nestled in some of Tufts’ […]

Potty Talk: Toilet philosophers

Philosopher Robert Pirsig famously asked, “What is quality?” Clearly, the Tufts University Department of Philosophy does not care. Its headquarters, Miner Hall, houses two options for bathroom goers — or students tired of hearing about Marxism (kidding, kidding, Tufts students never tire of that). The two spaces offer a study in contrasts. For a homier […]

Potty Talk: Tisch Library

For the last three semesters, many buildings and facilities on campus have sat either empty or at severely reduced capacity. Scores of Jumbos have never seen Tufts’ campus in all its glory, with students milling between classes and avoiding that person whom you haven’t spoken to since they shared their deepest secrets with you during […]

Diverse Minds aims to promote inclusion, education around neurodiversity on campus

Masking is something that most students have been discussing only in the past year and half, but for a smaller group of Tufts students, it’s a term that has been on their mind for nearly their whole lives. For neurodiverse people, masking means trying to hide their disabilities and pass as neurotypical. This is just […]

Senior Profile: Abraha rises to challenge, advocates for marginalized students

Many seniors are excited to enter the workforce when they graduate from Tufts. They have interesting new roles, are moving to new places or are looking forward to being financially independent. Graduating senior Eve Abraha is anticipating her next steps after graduating for a different reason, though. “I’m so excited to have a full-time job […]

Testing center staff talks student safety, engagement

When Tufts students have birthdays these days, they don’t look forward to hosting a big party or trying a new restaurant or bar. Instead, they know that when they announce their birthday as they check in at the COVID-19 testing center at 62R Talbot Ave., they’ll be given a warm smile and a “happy birthday” […]

Tufts students see opportunity for change following Texas winter storm, energy crisis

Johnson and Young expressed hope that the problems revealed by this crisis will galvanize statewide changes in leadership and energy policy. Johnson said that while some issues he was already concerned about were exposed, he also learned about previously unfamiliar shortcomings in Texas’ politics and energy systems.

Tufts students volunteer, vote in Georgia runoff races

“I really was not expecting Ossoff and Warnock to win, and [when] they both did, it was so gratifying to know that the organizing that we were doing worked, so gratifying to hear that there are so many odds that went against,” Kopp said.

Alumni Interview: Jen Bokoff finds balance in philanthropy

As the Tufts student body was hunkered down for a cold night one winter, Jen Bokoff (LA’08) was thinking about how the homeless people she volunteered with would be spending the freezing night. Rather than waiting to find out until morning or the next time she saw them, Bokoff invited one of her clients into Harleston Hall’s basement and gave him shelter for the night.

With musicology livestream, Pennington raises more than $10,000 for The Bail Project

As he began to stream at 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 4, Stephan Pennington cautiously set a $500 fundraising goal for himself. When he signed off his computer in the wee hours of Friday, June 5, he had raised over $10,000 to support bail funds through The Bail Project, a nonprofit that works to end […]