Sam Dieringer is a Deputy Features Editor and Podcast Host at the Tufts Daily. He is a sophomore and is undecided on his major. Sam can be reached at [email protected]

Commuter consternation: Stories and reactions to the latest Green Line Extension delay

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority announced on Aug. 5 that the Green Line Extension’s Medford branch would not open as scheduled in summer 2022, but instead be pushed further to late November, following a series of previous delays.   When GLX project managers released their decision to extend their work on the Medford branch, many local […]

Stranger Things 4: The cultural phenomenon continues

After a three-year hiatus prolonged by the pandemic, the cultural phenomenon “Stranger Things” (2016–) finally made its return with a brand new season. With the show’s prolonged absence and a trailer that featured many unfamiliar locations and characters, the direction of the show’s return seemed skeptical. Oftentimes in later seasons, writers shake up the foundation […]

2 generations of Jumbos: Faculty with children at Tufts

For the children of Tufts professors, Tufts University has played a central role in their lives. Now, many of those children have become Tufts students themselves.  Here are the stories of Abby Sommers and her father Professor Sam Sommers, Iman McPherson and her parents Professor Erin Kelly and Associate Professor Lionel McPherson as well as […]

The Step Back: Playoff storylines, hopes and dreams

As the rubble settles from the all-out gauntlet that was the NBA regular season, all sights are set on the postseason. With razor thin margins separating each playoff team in the East, and multiple heavy hitters in the West, it’s time to review the biggest storylines to follow as this year’s NBA Playoffs continue. Who’s […]

The Step Back: A SuperSonic revival

As the walls of the old KeyArena in Seattle crumbled in 2006, then-majority owner of the Seattle SuperSonics and former chairman of Starbucks Howard Schultz had a decision to make. To avoid the massive undertaking of renovating the team’s arena, Schultz sold the Seattle SuperSonics to a separate investment group with the intention of keeping […]

The Step Back: The puzzling case of the Boston Celtics

As a resident Boston sports fan, it’s come to that time where I’ll be doing a deep dive into the state of my team: the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are truly a puzzling case. The past few years have been a continuous roller coaster where every year, I think they finally have a chance at […]

Tufts magicians spread joy in a world of uncertainty

Amidst the tall bookshelves and hidden study rooms of Tisch Library, a world of spectacle and wonderful delights awaits. Every week, the Tufts Magician Society comes together to create a wide variety of magic. With students ranging from beginners to experienced masters of illusion, members take pride in finding new ways to astonish themselves and […]

The Step-Back: The Dunk Contest blues

Last weekend saw the 71st annual NBA All-Star Weekend come and go. A new and improved team-skills challenge, a 3-point contest that crowned the first center winner since 2012 and an electrifying All-Star Game made for a great overall weekend. However, one contest stood out clearly from the rest as particularly unexciting, boring and flat-out […]

The Step Back: Are superteams good for basketball?

James Harden’s departure from the Brooklyn Nets to the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday marked the end of one of the National Basketball Association’s premiere superteams. That being said, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden and the 2021 Brooklyn Nets are merely the latest iteration of what has become an ever-increasing list of NBA superteams. According […]

The Step Back: An all-time impact

When James Naismith placed two peach baskets and a soccer ball on an indoor YMCA court in Springfield, Mass. More than 130 years ago, no one could have predicted what was to come. Over the next century, this simple activity involving a ball and hoop swept the globe. From millions of kids’ sprinting across the […]