Sammy Park is a columnist at the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore who has not yet declared a major. Sammy can be reached at [email protected]

Bangers and Bops: Guilt and diasporas  

Whether it be because I am a middle child or a Gemini, I often credit myself for starting trends. I was the first in my elementary school to publicly read “Twilight” (2005). In high school, I bought a clear backpack, and a month after I began spotting girls with the same clear backpack. And, frankly, […]

Bangers and Bops: The birth of Jesus (and Mariah Carey’s impact)

Transcontinental flights were too much to justify going home for Thanksgiving break. But spending Nov. 28 on campus feeling like a woman about to inherit a large sum of money (it was actually just $68 in JumboCash) whilst all of my family FaceTimed me wasn’t as lonely as it may have seemed to an outsider. […]

Bangers and Bops: Rihanna’s reality

I hate the radio. For the first 16 years of my life, my parents drove cars that didn’t have AUX or Bluetooth capabilities. So, as a middle schooler that took too much pride in her indie music knowledge repertoire, I was always subjected to hearing Imagine Dragons‘ newest hit. However, while I did have a […]

Eco-Reps foster accessible vegetarianism through initiatives such as Meatless Mondays

The history of meatless meals in the United States can be traced back to World War I, when American families were asked to ration the scarce supply of meat. Today, a renaissance of meatless days has been framed in terms of environmental conservation. Public school districts in New York City, Baltimore and Los Angeles have […]

Bangers and Bops: The allure of austerity

I tweet about crying a lot. I insert anecdotes about how I don’t have many real-life skills in every single first-person piece that I write. I’ve been thinking a lot about my predilection for sharing my feelings with anyone who might be slightly interested.  Jacobin Magazine writer and co-host of the podcast “Chapo Trap House” […]

Bangers and Bops: Brandi Carlile and my small-town roots

Everyone wants to change the world. Scroll through a thousand startup mission statements, and this is the one thing that remains constant. Whether it be a company dedicated to reinventing the way in which we toss a salad or a non-profit giving away polo shirts to underprivileged children, it seems there is no aspect of […]

Bangers and Bops: ‘American Idol’ as a microcosm

Some of you might’ve lost trust in the American electoral system in November of 2016 as high schoolers or undergraduates. It was May 21, nearly eight years earlier when my own naivete was taken from me by the failings of the mainstream electoral processes. However, on that fateful day in 2008, the country’s focus wasn’t […]

Bangers and Bops: Social butterfly with sad girl tendencies

In high school, teachers often deemed me either a chatterbox or social butterfly. Did I speak a lot during class about things that were not necessarily about topics in any lesson plan? Of course, but in my defense, I felt like very few people really have to know the ins and outs of calculus, while […]

Bangers and Bops: Until you can make it, fake it

In the center of a Venn diagram showing boys in high school before JV basketball games and me before final exams is just the song “All Me” (2013) by Drake. I am not from Canada nor am I a famous rapper who began his career as an actor on “Degrassi” (2001–15), but can I wholly […]

Bangers and Bops: Too old for TikTok, too young to die

The song “Ribs” (2013) by Lorde should be banned by the FDA for being a paralytic. From its pulsing instrumentals to Lorde’s constant declaration that “It drives you crazy, getting old,” the song evokes such a primal fear that my youth is slipping away by the minute. Now, I’ve never been one to define myself […]