Sami Heyman is an assistant arts editor on the Tufts Daily. She is a senior studying political science. Sami can be reached at [email protected]

Tracing Tufts’ history in housing

The quality and quantity of residence halls are a subject of frequent controversy at Tufts. The chaotic housing placement system, the ongoing housing crisis, the recent acquisition of former fraternity and sorority houses in a half-hearted response to said crisis, the conspicuous renovations of Miller and Houston Halls and the controversial introduction of tiered housing […]

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ stays out of fast lane

During the pre-title sequence of the new film “Sonic the Hedgehog” (2020), the protagonist is told by his mother figure that he must “never stop running” from those who would hurt him to harness his super-speed. Over the next 90 minutes, you realize that that’s the whole point: trouble finds Sonic because he can run […]

Tufts Opera Ensemble premieres tales of love and sacrifice reborn

This past weekend saw the inaugural performance of a pair of new operas, “The Nightingale and the Rose” and “The Happy Prince,” by the Tufts University Opera Ensemble. Based on short stories of the same name by Oscar Wilde, the one-act operas were written by Department of Music faculty member and Opera Ensemble co-director Thomas […]

Debunking ‘National Treasure’ through the eyes of an archivist

Rumors have recently been circulating surrounding the release of a third film in Disney’s “National Treasure” (2004–2007) series after The Hollywood Reporter wrote that writer Chris Bremner had begun work on a script for “National Treasure 3.” The prospective new release traces its roots back to Disney’s 2004 film “National Treasure” starring Nicolas Cage, in […]

Oscars predictions: What should win, will win, was snubbed, doesn’t belong

With the 92nd Academy Awards just around the corner on Feb. 9, the Tufts Daily Arts & Living team threw together some predictions for the film industry’s biggest night of the year. Each editor took the five categories that gave them most intrigue and picked who should win, who will win, who got snubbed and […]

‘Walls Turned Sideways’ offers new insight into criminal justice system

Tufts University Art Galleries’ its new exhibition, “Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System,” Thursday at the Tisch and Koppelman Galleries in Aidekman Arts Center. The exhibition compiles works by dozens of artists critiquing the criminal justice system in the United States. A reception and talk by curator Risa Puleo and participating artist Autumn Knight followed. […]

Timely tribulations in the Met’s ‘La Traviata’

In the first few pages of “Heart of Darkness” (1899), Joseph Conrad’s narrator-protagonist Charles Marlow opines: “It’s queer how out of touch with truth women are. They live in a world of their own, and there has never been anything like it, and never can be. It is too beautiful altogether, and if they were […]

Yayoi Kusama: Answering love’s call

Entering the Infinity Mirror Room feels like diving into obsidian water and being swallowed by a submarine cavern. Freckled, bioluminescent tentacles protrude like cilia from the mirrored walls of the endless chamber. The phosphorescent arms tessellate infinitely into the black water, disappearing into a swirling forest of neon light. The Infinity Mirror Room is an […]

Learning from love and loss in ‘The Last Five Years’

Is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Torn Ticket II’s fall minor production of “The Last Five Years” cast doubt on the old adage. The one-night engagement starred senior Nick Jodka and sophomore Francesca Viggiani as Jamie and Cathy, respectively, two burgeoning artists whose relationship is […]

Behind the scenes at the Midnight Organ Concert

On Thursday night, the Tufts University Chaplaincy performed its annual Halloween Midnight Organ Concert to a full house in Goddard Chapel. The hour-long program featured Chaplaincy Music Director Thomas Dawkins on the organ, joined by graduate student Jason Zhang on piano for an arrangement of Saint-Saëns’ “Danse Macabre” (1874). The program also featured Boëllmann’s “Suite […]

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