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Deja vu all over again

Two things happened last week. First, New York Times columnist Charles Blow’s son, Tahj, who fit the description of an intruder to a dorm at Yale, where Tahj is a student, was accosted by police at gunpoint — he was leaving the library — but eventually let go. Second, in a refrain all too familiar to football […]

A chink in the NFL’s armor

Not only was I unsurprised when Ray Rice won his appeal, but I was relieved. The NFL should not have been able to make amends, which it could have done only by flouting hard-fought players’ rights, even after bungling virtually every stage of a labyrinthine process. Reprimanding Rice retroactively would have established a dangerous precedent, ripe […]

An Olympian Proposal

Economists be damned: Wu-Tang was right. Cash rules everything — and not only around me. It is deleterious like no other substance on earth. What distinguishes money from cigarettes, for example, is that it masquerades, convincingly, as a net positive, and is infinite in scope. Because it is the cornerstone of the world economic system, it is indispensable; […]

Jumbos extend winning streak to four during homestand

Fresh off winning the Ramada Roundball Invitational two weekends ago, the fourth-ranked women’s basketball team swept its two-game homestand this past week with a couple of resounding non-conference victories — first against Hartwick College, then against Brandeis. At 2-0 Tufts was hitting its stride, and one was reminded of last season, when the Jumbos rattled off […]

A porous defense

Thanks to Michael Sokolove of The New York Times Magazine, we can now trace the evolution of the class action suit, initiated by the intrepid lawyer Jason Luckasevic, against the NFL on behalf of countless former players. It’s a riveting read, a glimpse into power dynamics of the most lopsided kind. Importantly, Sokolove is careful not to romanticize […]

Tufts begins season with tournament win at Ramada Invitational

The Tufts women’s basketball team enters its season as the team to beat in the NESCAC, and in the entire northeast, coming off a season in which it reached the Final Four of the NCAA tournament. The Jumbos began the season competing in the Ramada Roundball Invitational at University of New England (UNE) this weekend. […]

Jumbos enter first game with a chance for early season revenge

In a cruel twist of fate — or, alternatively, a shot at redemption — the men’s hockey team will play the same five teams, in order, against whom it kicked off last season. Four of these teams — Trinity, Williams, Middlebury and Wesleyan — hail from the NESCAC, which saw six players selected to the New England Hockey […]

A costly gamble

Of all the topics in sports this week to write on, the one that came way too close to materializing in this column was the return of Mark Sanchez. In true Sanchez fashion, when Nick Foles was knocked out of the game by Texans linebacker Whitney Mercilus, he mustered a halfway decent performance en route to a […]

When domestic violence is the norm

It’s a sad day when the NFL Players’ Association (NFLPA), no bastion of progressive values in its own right, inadvertently takes the NFL to task for its flawed implementation of domestic violence training. The NFLPA and the NFL have long been accustomed to discord, constantly wrangling over players’ rights, contracts and revenue splits. Tuaranna “Teri” Patterson, […]

An equitable arrangement

In the late 1980s, the 1990s, and well into the 2000s, David Stern grew the NBA into something of a colossus. Stern, with a little help from Michael Jordan and a colorful, if fractious, Celtics-Lakers rivalry, made his brand into an international household name, setting up shop in 13 countries on three continents. Since then, the NBA has […]