Sadie Leite is a sophomore studying English. Sadie can be reached at [email protected]

The Art of Good Soup: French onion underwater

A delinquent, an anti-nut guest columnist and a Cabbage Patch Kid walked into Foundry On Elm in Somerville. It was a Thursday evening. The air was frigid and the weather daunting, but they had one goal in mind — French onion soup. And they were prepared to trek in any conditions, be it snow or […]

Chuck Klosterman’s book “The Nineties” and why we shouldn’t care

Chuck Klosterman writes about society’s most prevalent topics, including pop culture, sports and music, in his many works of nonfiction and fiction. The bestselling author’s newest novel showcases his brilliant, blunt writing style. “The Nineties” (2022) tackles one of humanity’s most tumultuous decades. Klosterman focuses on some of the complex truths of the decade. For […]

The Art of Good Soup: We so hungry

This week we went to Nijiya Sushi in Medford Square, and we had a lot to celebrate: a birthday and a girl both gorgeous and COVID-free.  After a short wait where we discussed writing, as good soup columnists do (especially those trying to show their pre-med friends that they are intellectuals who are really, really […]

Weekender: ‘Artists Call’ at Tufts University Art Galleries promotes historical dialogue

For about five years, curators Abigail Satinsky and Erina Duganne have worked on the new Tufts University Art Gallery “Art For the Future: Artists Call and Central American Solidarities,” which opened Jan. 20 on the Boston and Medford campuses. On Wednesday afternoon, with midday sunshine lighting the gallery and its work, Satinsky first explained the […]

The Art of Good Soup: Tsurumen, Davis Square

This is a column about soup: what it tastes like, what it does to you. What it makes you dream and think about. The kind of soup you’ll tell your children about at the dinner table. For our sake and yours, we hope it’s also a column about good soup. Unfortunately, not all soups are […]

WaPo veteran Carl Bernstein celebrates journalism in new memoir

Carl Bernstein’s newest memoir “Chasing History: A Kid in the Newsroom” (2022) was released Jan. 11. Bernstein is known for his contributions to investigative journalism, specifically his part in revealing the scandal surrounding Watergate in the 1970s. He reported on this event with journalist Bob Woodward for the Washington Post. Later, the two released their […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Still lost in the story

A story inside a story. Think “The Princess Bride” (1987) or when a rambling friend gets lost in the details of a night recap. “The Sandman: Convergence” (1992) arc is a collection of three stories with individual plots, connected with this concept. In “The Hunt” (1992), a grandfather and granddaughter squabble over a story that […]

Gayle and Winnetka Bowling League capture crowd at intimate venue

On Nov. 29, rising alternative indie band Winnetka Bowling League performed at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall in an intimate but lively combination of bouncy melodies, cardboard cutouts and deadbeat dad jokes.  The evening started with an engaging performance by Gayle. She wore leather pants, fishnet sleeves and a Reese’s Pieces T-shirt. Her chunky Doc Martens […]

Tufts University Art Galleries reflect on stolen land and resilient communities

In the Aidekman Arts Center, the Tufts University Art Galleries present art with poignant stories, carefully curated by members of the Tufts community. Each exhibit showcases the current passions that the art world at Tufts wishes to share with a greater audience. A colorful mural, situated before the center’s doors in the Jackson Gym parking […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Barbie has a nightmare

Barbie sees a talking dog, Martin Tenbones, from her dreams get shot in the streets of New York City and she’s horrified, naturally. The twisted fifth volume “The Sandman: A Game of You” (1991–92) begins: Gaiman’s imagination is beautiful and perverted­­ –– a perspective just as important as fairytale happy endings. A gang of women, […]