Sadie Leite is a sophomore studying English. Sadie can be reached at [email protected]

The Art of Good Soup: Two girls, four pots

Good things come to those who wait. At least, that’s what we tried to convince ourselves as the minutes grew in our wait for hot pot at Q Restaurant in Boston. Fifteen minutes turned into 40, and we simply were not having it. In theory, it should be every souper’s paradise. Wide pots of scalding […]

The Art of Good Soup: Seder? I hardly know her!

Today, we’re gonna be talking about an uncontested staple. The lifeblood of every Jewish family. The centerpiece of the Seder. The magnum opus of every little grandmother chanting “Dayenu” for the umpteenth time: matzo ball soup, bitch. This past week, we were apart. But, the soup spanned our geographical barriers. It didn’t matter that one […]

The Art of Good Soup: Lucky and charming

We are tired. Sadie has purple feet (and them dogs are BARKING). Ellie ate salsa for breakfast. With salt. But it was pico de gallo, which makes it a little better? Given our exhaustion, we decided that this week we would start an important and potentially contentious commentary. It is about time we ask the […]

Peach Pit does right by fans at Boston performance

On Friday, April 1, Peach Pit paid a visit to Boston’s Big Night Live for its 2022 tour celebrating the release of its third album, “From 2 to 3” (2022). With a loaded lineup packed with songs from all three projects, the band delivered a lively performance with plenty of fun hair flips and intense […]

The Art of Good Soup: Oh, ginger!

This week we went home. A place that loves us and cares for us and sometimes does things to us like making us fall asleep in our friend’s bed across campus and walk home at five  in the morning because you swore you would just take a nap. No? Just Ellie? Anyways.  Home for us […]

‘Aldus Manutius: Renaissance Printer in Venice’ promotes Special Collections

Elettra Conoly (A’21) wants the students of Tufts to read more early printed books. Conoly works full time for Tisch Library’s Special Collections. She started her job at the end of January and works with social media, programming and more to support the section she fell in love with during her sophomore year. Conoly described […]

The Art of Good Soup: Wet tomatoes

We have a confession to make. This week, we almost forgot about good soup. We were so caught up planning events, hosting guests and counting doors and wheels that our minds were elsewhere. We even got stuck in the ‘80s for a bit. And then we got lost in the jungle. It was a little […]

The Art of Good Soup: Pho on the flo’

This week, we gorgeous, gorgeous girls had a dilemma. We had a lot of balls to juggle: a midterm, two meetings, three bottles of liquid, shackles, a formal to attend and some soup to slurp. We were overwhelmed. We spend a lot of our time overwhelmed. What was our solution? Have someone else get the […]

The Art of Good Soup: French onion underwater

A delinquent, an anti-nut guest columnist and a Cabbage Patch Kid walked into Foundry On Elm in Somerville. It was a Thursday evening. The air was frigid and the weather daunting, but they had one goal in mind — French onion soup. And they were prepared to trek in any conditions, be it snow or […]

Chuck Klosterman’s book “The Nineties” and why we shouldn’t care

Chuck Klosterman writes about society’s most prevalent topics, including pop culture, sports and music, in his many works of nonfiction and fiction. The bestselling author’s newest novel showcases his brilliant, blunt writing style. “The Nineties” (2022) tackles one of humanity’s most tumultuous decades. Klosterman focuses on some of the complex truths of the decade. For […]