Sadie Leite is an Arts Editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a second year who is studying English. Sadie can be reached at [email protected]

Tufts University Art Galleries reflect on stolen land and resilient communities

In the Aidekman Arts Center, the Tufts University Art Galleries present art with poignant stories, carefully curated by members of the Tufts community. Each exhibit showcases the current passions that the art world at Tufts wishes to share with a greater audience. A colorful mural, situated before the center’s doors in the Jackson Gym parking […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Barbie has a nightmare

Barbie sees a talking dog, Martin Tenbones, from her dreams get shot in the streets of New York City and she’s horrified, naturally. The twisted fifth volume “The Sandman: A Game of You” (1991–92) begins: Gaiman’s imagination is beautiful and perverted­­ –– a perspective just as important as fairytale happy endings. A gang of women, […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Dream tests our power

And the dead heads sing. Why? Because power, kings and gods have complications. “Thermidor” (1991) is the first part in the four-issue anthology “The Sandman: Distant Mirrors” (1991–93). Each explores rulers’ intentions. Thermidor, the 11th month of the French Republican Calendar, no longer exists, chopped from modern vernacular like French heads. In this story, Johanna […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Lucifer quits Hell

Neil Gaiman’s gates of Hell are disturbingly grey against a blood-red sky. They’re among the first of many striking images in the fourth volume of “The Sandman” series, “The Sandman: Season of Mists” (1990–91). The comic book medium is effective because stories are told with words and images, and both the writing and art throughout […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Dream tells the truth

The definition of truth, true and truths is a tricky thing. When is a story true? Volume 3 of “The Sandman” (1989–) series, “The Sandman: Dream Country” (1991) explores Neil Gaiman’s definition of truth. For him, something doesn’t have to be objectively true to be true. Truth is marked by its longevity and pressing impact […]

Short story ‘Dumba Chora’ brings Boston readers together

The short story “Dumba Chora”(2021) by author Chandreyee Lahiri was chosen by the Boston Book Festival as the 2021 One City One Story Project. The purpose of the Boston Book Festival is to celebrate the power of storytelling with events that showcase the impact of strong words. One City One Story is an excellent example […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Dream makes a friend

It might be interesting to live forever. Every other writer has done this. Every other great character is this. “The only reason people die, is because everyone does it.” That’s Neil Gaiman’s take, or the assumption of one of his characters, a drunk Englishman Hob, sitting in a tavern next to Death herself in 1389. […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Gods and free will

College students may debate free will from time to time, out of academic curiosity or their own growing independence.  Volume 2 of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman,” “The Sandman: The Doll’s House” (1989–1990), could add a new perspective. To stage the adventure, Gaiman tells the story of Dream falling in love. He is a beast, though, […]

Dreaming of Sandman: The hero’s grumpy start

The comic book series “The Sandman” (1989–) by Neil Gaiman, is the story about stories written by a writer who loves all other stories. This column is a story about the story about all other stories. For a less unsettling definition, it is about the God of Dreams, and his other names: Morpheus, Dream, Sandman. […]

Tufts graduate Adam Wilson breaks down novel ‘Sensation Machines’

Novelist Adam Wilson (LA’04) first published his new novel “Sensation Machines” on July 7, 2020. Soho Press released the novel in a paperback edition on Tuesday with an in-person event to follow on Sept. 13. “Sensation Machines” is set in a near-future New York City. It explores the social, political and economic effects of the […]