Saba S. is a columnist at the Tufts Daily.

Queeries: Drag Me to Tufts

Mark your calendars because Friday, March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility. This is an annual awareness day that allows the accomplishments of transgender people to be spotlighted and offers schools and communities an opportunity to create and celebrate more trans-inclusive spaces. Many schools take this time to go over gender terminology, help students […]

Queeries: Queer women have always been icons

Here in Queeries, we love talking about and reflecting on our queer history. The intersection between LGBTQ+ history and women’s bravery is an interdisciplinary field that explores the history of identity in the United States. March is Women’s History Month, when we commemorate and celebrate the women in America who have played a crucial role […]

Queeries: Queer icons Ice Spice, Miley Cyrus and SZA top the charts

Queer music icons create positive representation in mainstream music while increasing visibility and topping the Billboard Hot 100.

Queeries: A thanks to the Daily

Welcome back to another week of Queeries! This week we’re talking about The Daily and the importance of queer voices. Being queer is a lifelong journey of breaking the boundaries that surround gender and sexuality, but being societal rule breakers is exhausting when it feels like your voice is not being heard. For us, the […]

Queeries: Valentine’s Day Special

Queeries: Valentine’s Day special Valentine’s Day is a holiday branded with chocolate-shaped hearts and heart-shaped candies. Boyfriends buy their girlfriends bouquets of red roses and sparkling diamond jewels. Girlfriends write about the futures that they crave with their boyfriends. It is a day dedicated to celebrating romantic, heterosexual love. Modern media capitalizes on this idealized […]

WEEKENDER: The Painters Society’s gallery night helps heal the artist community after COVID-19 isolation

On Jan. 28, The Painters Society held a gallery night, showcasing Tufts artists’ visual work alongside performances from student-formed bands. The event was an extraordinary circumstance for student artists who were able to keep 100% of the profits gained from selling their art. This is rare, which makes it difficult for students to sell their […]

Queeries: presence vs. representation

Hello to all our queers, peers, queer peers, etc. Queeries is coming right back at you again for the spring 2023 semester. Similarly to last fall, we’ll be discussing anything and everything queer. We’re here, we’re queer and we’re here to spread all the love and joy. Please enjoy our iterations this semester. In the […]

Queeries: I can’t have everything, but at least my mom loves me

During a recent icebreaker, I was asked what my favorite arts moment of 2022 was. Not only did I not have an answer, but I could not even think of a single arts moment that occurred in 2022 that held any notoriety. I skipped my turn and the next person to answer said, “It has […]

Queeries: A brutally honest form of storytelling

As of recently, my daily life has become an endless abyss of job applications, rent payments and checking to see if I can afford to Uber Eats some dumplings to cheer myself up. I reminisce about my golden days of carelessness and boredom: my teen years. So naturally, whenever a new teen drama comes out […]

Queeries: A rant about inclusivity on TikTok

Content warning: This article discusses transphobia. The super-straight movement originated from the social media platform TikTok, which has most recently become a breeding ground of new collective trends predisposed to rapid expansion. The “movement” quickly found a new home on Twitter, when it rose in popularity and became a trending topic. This phenomenon directly revolves […]