Ryan Gell

Ryan Gell is a features columnist at the Tufts Daily. Ryan is a senior majoring in economics and history. Ryan can be reached at [email protected]

JumboCash: How to think about money

For the finale of JumboCash, I want to return to the root of what money is all about. Throughout the semester, I have discussed financial jargon, investing strategies and statistics related to money. However, I skipped over the most important component of investing: how to think about money. Inevitably, we tend to compare how much […]

JumboCash: It’s never too early to think about retirement

If you’ve kept up with JumboCash, you know about different asset classes and investing strategies. Now it’s time to talk about the best account in which to implement those strategies. Different account types offer distinct advantages to bolster your returns, so understanding which account fits you best can have a large impact on how much […]

JumboCash: Let’s talk taxes

Benjamin Franklin famously wrote, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In investing, taxes are particularly important because they have a dramatic impact on how much of a return you actually put in your pocket. In this article, I will explain the capital gains tax, as well as […]

JumboCash: What is ‘socially responsible’ investing?

As global temperatures heat up, so has the divestment movement on Tufts’ campus, which demands that Tufts sell its investments in companies involved in extracting fossil fuels. With many socially conscious investors seeking to avoid fossil fuels with their own money, asset managers have begun creating new funds investing in stocks that meet ethical criteria. […]

JumboCash: How to invest like Warren Buffett

When you think about the top figures in investing, one of the first to come to mind is Warren Buffett. Known for his authenticity, investing aphorisms and immense wealth, Buffett subscribe to a school of investing called value investing. In the long-run, Buffett has capitalized on a premium for value stocks, a methodology that you […]

JumboCash: The ‘home bias’ in investing

When we talk about stocks and “the market,” we usually think about the American market — companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq. A local focus pervades into the portfolios of American investors, who tend to invest the majority of their equities in domestic companies. In fact, across the world, investors […]

JumboCash: Think you can pick stocks? Think again

When people think about investing, they often believe that managing their money requires the ability to “pick stocks.” Finance-related student organizations also promote this approach by making “stock pitches” the focal point of the club experience. Although there are merits to analyzing individual stocks in-depth, modern financial theory suggests a different approach to investing in […]

JumboCash: Timing the market

In the financial media, there has been a lot of speculation regarding a recession looming within the next 18 months. In the face of such uncertainty, you might be tempted to sell your assets before the market crashes, and once things pick up again, you believe you can safely invest and watch prices rise. However, […]

JumboCash: The benefits of mutual funds

In previous weeks, we discussed the two main asset classes: stocks and bonds. The next step in your investing journey is to understand an easy way to gain exposure to these assets. Mutual funds allow you to invest in a variety of assets, even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest. With […]

JumboCash: Bond market basics

 When people think about different types of investments, stocks are often first in their mind, given their high upside and high risk. Although they lack the glamour of stocks, bonds can help investors achieve steady income and reduce the overall risk of their portfolio. This week, we will discuss how bonds work, why bonds are […]