Ryan Gell

Ryan Gell is a features columnist at the Tufts Daily. Ryan is a senior majoring in economics and history. Ryan can be reached at ryan.gell@tufts.edu.

JumboCash: Timing the market

In the financial media, there has been a lot of speculation regarding a recession looming within the next 18 months. In the face of such uncertainty, you might be tempted to sell your assets before the market crashes, and once things pick up again, you believe you can safely invest and watch prices rise. However, […]

JumboCash: The benefits of mutual funds

In previous weeks, we discussed the two main asset classes: stocks and bonds. The next step in your investing journey is to understand an easy way to gain exposure to these assets. Mutual funds allow you to invest in a variety of assets, even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest. With […]

JumboCash: Bond market basics

 When people think about different types of investments, stocks are often first in their mind, given their high upside and high risk. Although they lack the glamour of stocks, bonds can help investors achieve steady income and reduce the overall risk of their portfolio. This week, we will discuss how bonds work, why bonds are […]

JumboCash: Stock Market 101

Last week, we established the basic relationship between risk and return as well as how diversification can reduce risks. The next step in understanding investments is to understand how stocks work, how they can deliver returns and why they are risky. One of the most widely known security types are stocks, commonly referred to as […]

JumboCash: Foundations of Investing

With a myriad of unique jargon and opinionated talking heads in the media, finance can seem esoteric, intimidating and confusing. Through my column, I intend to simplify the field and equip students with the knowledge to make informed investing decisions. Whether you work in the financial services profession or not, investing will play a key […]