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Tufts Theater gears up for busy season, innovates amid pandemic restrictions

Student theater groups and the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies are gearing up for a busy season, from an 1830s Russian political comedy to a student-written jukebox musical. 

Joe Biden wins presidency

After four days of counting, Pennsylvania delivered the final votes necessary for Biden to secure the presidency in the electoral college, winning 290 to 214 over Trump, with 40 votes yet to be allocated, according to the Associated Press as of Saturday.

2020 Electoral Map

As of Nov. 2, Donald Trump is projected to win 163 electoral votes, with 38 of those votes leaning toward him. Joe Biden is projected to win 290 electoral votes, with 64 of those votes leaning toward him. Only 85 electoral votes are considered “toss-ups.” For more detailed coverage on states to watch, see page […]

State and national ballot initiatives

"Right to repair" and ranked-choice voting are on the ballot in Massachusetts. Around the country, voters in some states will decide on questions from marijuana to redistricting.

Senate Races to Follow

Who is going to control the Senate? These close races will be the ones to watch on Tuesday night.

States to watch

The states you need to pay attention to as results come in for the 2020 presidential election.

Religious communities persevere, innovate in wake of pandemic restriction

'No matter the obstacles, we all crave meaningful connection': Chaplaincy finds new ways to connect amid COVID-19 restrictions.

Forever ‘Rooftop Dancing’: Sylvan Esso grapples with life’s complexities, diverges from past records

Sylvan Esso is known for its ambiguous lyrics, tender vocals and syncopated rhythms. With artistic decisions departing from indie classics like “Coffee” (2014) and “Die Young” (2017), their latest release “Free Love” (2020) guides listeners through a tour of the human experiences of vulnerability, relationships and change.

Talk about a Fluff piece: New England’s unique affection for Marshmallow Fluff

Perhaps the only fact necessary to understand New England’s insatiable appetite for Fluff is that of the 8 million pounds produced by Durkee-Mower annually, half is consumed within New England. 

Students from coast to coast protest police brutality, seek justice for George Floyd

Manhattan, New York City “You’re one of the good ones,” an officer told one of Cara Hernandez’s friends in high school after checking their school ID. Hernandez, who is African American and Puerto Rican American, and her friend, who is African American, attended a private school in the Bronx. To Hernandez, the implication was clear.  […]

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