Ruijingya Tang is an assistant arts editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore majoring in Fine Arts on the SMFA campus and undeclared on the Medford campus. She can be reached at

Reimagining Adam and Eve: the biblical first couple seen by incisive eyes across centuries

In the Fogg Museum in Cambridge, one of the Harvard Art Museums, audiences can contemplate the origin of the human condition within an Abrahamic context. From Sept. 1, 2018 – Jan. 6, 2019, the museum hosts the “Adam and Eve” exhibition, which spans across time and space, including artworks from historical masters like Rembrandt as well […]

‘Scarred Hearts’ surveys into the universal destination of human life

The Museum of Fine Arts is hosting five screenings of the 2016 Romanian film “Scarred Hearts,” directed by Radu Jude, from Sept. 2–16. Adapted from the Romanian author Max Blecher’s biographical novel of the same name, the film portrays the experience of Emanuel (Lucian Teodor Rus), a hospitalized Romanian college student who suffers from Pott […]

Weekender: Curator Martina Tanga demystifies ‘Sculpting with Air’

From April 20 to Sept. 30, “Sculpting with Air,” an exhibition featuring two site-specific sculptures by Ian McMahon and Jong Oh, is on view at the deCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Mass. The exhibition is a collaboration by McMahon, Oh and the curator, Martina Tanga. McMahon’s sculpture, “Tether,” embodies the dynamic tension between industry and […]

‘Lion’ highlights beauty of human connection, power of familial bond

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston presented its eighth annual “Hollywood Scriptures” film series program this past week. The theme and films featured in the program each are chosen by the faculty in the department of professional psychology at William James College. This year, the program centered around the theme of ‘childhood’ and opened with its first screened […]

TEDxTufts 2018: ‘re:Vision’ preview

Ten speakers will turn the Cohen Auditorium into a space of compassion and education by sharing private experiences and passions on March 11, when TEDxTufts hosts “re:Vision,” its fourth annual TED event since 2015. From a 1984 conference that celebrated the the interdisciplinary nature of technology, entertainment and design, TED has developed into a non-profit organization that has sponsored over […]

M.C. Escher is reborn at the Museum of Fine Arts

The door of the Charlotte F. and Irving W. Rabb gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) is now open to an alternative universe. From Feb. 3 to May 28, the gallery is dedicated to the first display of the fantastical prints and drawings by Dutch printmaker M.C. Escher. M.C. Escher (1898–1972) was born […]