Ruijingya Tang

Ruijingya Tang is an arts editor and cartoonist at the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore majoring in Biology. She can be reached at

Do it this weekend: Jan.18–20

This upcoming weekend — preceded by only a half week of classes and followed by Martin Luther King Jr. Day — is one of the best chances in the upcoming months to enjoy some leisure time with friends.  An ample amount of interesting events welcome students to make pleasurable use of their time before snow and academic responsibilities […]

Art therapy relieves stress, provides creative outlet for expressing emotions

Content warning: This article discusses mental health. Art, commonly known for its poignancy and sentimentality, is often said to be healing when used to reflect trauma or melancholy. However, art in this traditional sense should not be confused with its related derivative: art therapy. The term “art therapy” was first introduced in 1942 by Adrian […]

Do it before finals: Nov. 30–Dec. 9

Ready to cross off some items on your holiday shopping list? Desperately need to storm out of Tisch Library to take a break from battling finals? Wish that you got more of a chance to dress up after Halloween? Check out these opportunities to destress and enjoy the holiday vibe both on campus and in the […]