Ruijingya Tang is an arts editor and cartoonist at the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore majoring in Biology. She can be reached at [email protected]

‘Bookworks’: A reinterpretation of the book as art

This fall, Tisch Library faces a creative counterpart from just two streets away. The Tufts University Art Galleries (TUAG) exhibition “Bookworks” opened on Aug. 22 in the Aidekman Arts Center. “Bookworks,” a parody of the term “artworks,” surveys artists’ books from across decades and countries. The exhibition invites its audience to reflect critically on the […]

‘Indebted Mass’: Negative space in history

For the past three months, the Anderson Auditorium at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) at Tufts has been home to a paradoxical presence that is at once reverence-demanding and humble. “Planting and Maintaining a Perennial Garden: Indebted Mass” dominated the gallery space as part of the exhibition “Who Takes the Weight” […]

Enchanted: The elegant otherworlds of Kay Nielsen born from masters of the past

Contemporary art arguably lives in a renewed era of “iconoclasm.” Twenty-first century artists still live in the legacy of the postmodernist disdain for Art Nouveau and veneration of the conceptual and the critical. Images are deemed inherently inessential as mere representations of reality, and artists are expected to think more solemnly beyond the visuals. The […]

‘Crossing Lines’ explores power, limitations of contemporary art in documenting history

On Sept. 6, “Crossing Lines, Constructing Home: Displacement and Belonging in Contemporary Art” (“Crossing Lines”) opened at the Harvard Art Museums. Of the 40+ artworks in the exhibition, only one does not belong to the Harvard Art Museums’ permanent collection. Despite the limited institutional origin of its artworks, the exhibition impressively approaches the cause and […]

‘The Farewell’: A cultural tale written in the universal language of love

Most of the time, revolutions take shape slowly and identify themselves as time flows. “Crazy Rich Asians” (2018) carved out a space for Asian American films in the Hollywood empire. The role the romantic comedy played in the demarginalization process of Asian filmmakers in the American film industry is undeniable, given the attention the film […]

‘Viewpoints’: An anthology of photographic poems about modernity

The Industrial Revolution brought the world into an era of intrigue. Rapid technological advancements transformed the means of production and transportation, in turn creating diverse — even conflicting — cultural shifts, such as the increasing alienation of workers from their work and community and the unprecedented confluence of people and ideas through the railway and […]

Eating insects: The next revolution in the American diet

Tufts welcomed chef Joseph Yoon, the executive director of Brooklyn Bugs Wednesday, April 17, to host an educational workshop on the health and environmental benefits of incorporating insects into the daily American diet. This workshop was part of the first Edible Insect Festival at Tufts, co-hosted by the Tufts Department of Biology and the Environmental […]

Chantal Zakari’s ‘Cogent Message’ deconstructs institutional failings

The recently revealed college admissions scam reinforced the long-established image of higher education institutions as the playground of the privileged. With Tufts being the epitome of such institutions, it is almost impossible to argue against the socioeconomic homogeneity of universities. However, it is also important to recognize that numerous higher education institutions are also victims of […]

‘Let Me Explain to You What This Means’: power lost in translation

Today, in an era of globalization and mass media, power manifests itself as the agency to express oneself or control others’ expressions, probably more prominently than ever. The malleability of language — especially during the process of translation — becomes a possible mechanism of control and exploitation. Working within this cultural landscape, the Boston-based artist Gabriel Sosa […]