For those willing, summer session fills a gap

As the spring semester comes to a close, students are wrapping up their coursework and preparing to evacuate campus, start internships, take on summer jobs or vacation — except for those who will stick around and continue their studies uninterrupted. While the notion of summer school might sound appalling to some, others turn to Tufts’ […]

Can Tufts students outperform average Americans on a basic citizenship test?

Talk about civic pride. Last month, Newsweek asked 1,000 Americans to complete a basic U.S. citizenship test. Thirty−eight percent of them failed. The Daily administered a shortened version of the same test to 225 Tufts students in order to observe whether a narrowed demographic, specifically one confined to an institution of higher learning, would yield […]

Students discover the fashion of philanthropy

Tomorrow night at 9 p.m. in Cohen Auditorium, models decked out in fashions by Marc Jacobs, BCBG, ALO, Soodee and Cotelac, among other brands, will strut down the catwalk and showcase the latest trends of all styles. In its fourth annual Lux Fashion show, Tufts China Care Club will bring together Tufts models, dancers, DJs, […]

Street Smarts: Tufts’ sartorial scene

Ever notice the Jumbos on campus who put more into their wardrobes than a momentary thought about which pair of sneakers doesn’t clash with their sweatpants? We have, and some of their sartorial styles caught our eye in particular. Now that spring is beginning to show its face, those with Fashion Week fresh in their […]

Winning the future’: What, if anything, do political slogans actually mean?

Anyone who watched, read or heard about last month’s State of the Union Address came away with a knowledge of at least one new goal on America’s political to−do list: Win the future. The public reception of the term was less unanimous. While some named President Barack Obama’s newest slogan as just the morale boost […]

Can we ‘Sivilize’ Huck Finn?

Literary circles have been stirred to endless debate recently over editor Alan Gribben’s forthcoming edition of Mark Twain’s novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” to be published in February by NewSouth, Inc., in a single volume with its oft-companion “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” In a radical effort to tone-down the classic tale, Gribben’s version […]

Carmichael Dining Hall’s David Kelley, a Vietnam vet, talks about what Thanksgiving dinner means to him

In September 1968, David Kelley received orders to ship off to Vietnam. He had just graduated high school and had enlisted in the army with five of his best friends, all of whom were uncertain of what they wanted out of life and how they ought to be spending their time; the army seemed like […]

Lewis Hyde’s ‘Common as Air’ explores the case for a cultural commons

The history of copyright law is not on the top of most people’s beach read hierarchies, but Lewis Hyde’s newest book, “Common as Air: Revolution, Art, and Ownership,” chronicles copyright development in a way that’s both gripping and accessible. With the help of the Founding Fathers — heavy on the Franklin, who gets his very […]

Study: Overhearing conversations decreases performance

Have you ever tried to read a book on a bus or train, only to find that you’re spending more time listening in on your neighbor’s phone conversation? Lauren Emberson has. The psychology doctoral candidate at Cornell University has decided to take on an experiment that tests whether hearing half of a conversation actually causes […]

REZquad offers an uphill location to study, relax, caffeinate

Two words come to barista Sam Costello’s mind when he walks into the REZquad Café for work, and they do not usually go hand in hand: relaxed and caffeinated. But everyone in the coffee shop seems to be both. The REZquad, the relatively new uphill branch of the Mayer Campus Center’s The Rez, opened last […]