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Robert Kaplan is the business director and former executive news editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a junior studying quantitative economics and history and can be reached at [email protected]

Letter from the Managing Board: Let’s get to work

On behalf of The Tufts Daily, welcome back to the Hill. We know this is a time of unique challenges, but we know this semester will undoubtedly yield meaningful experiences as well. As journalists, we are inspired by the advocacy and strength of our community. We watched and reported as you provided resources for those […]

Letter from the News Editor: Why we report

I confess: This letter was difficult for me to write. It is extremely rare for the Daily to publish a letter from the executive news editor, especially so in our final issue of the year. The turbulence of this semester, however, prompts me to break from this precedent. Many developments followed University President Anthony Monaco’s […]

Q&A: Monaco outlines possible return in fall, reflects on turbulent year

Bookended by a string of consecutive incidents of hate and a disruptive pandemic, the 2019–20 academic year witnessed significant changes to Tufts’ campus. University President Anthony Monaco joined the Daily via Zoom to discuss these developments and more.  The Tufts Daily (TD): What were some of the significant issues, accomplishments and challenges this year before […]

Degrees presented in first-ever online conferral ceremony

Tufts University is awarding 3,648 degrees today across all of its constituent schools and programs in a pre-recorded virtual ceremony posted online at 8 a.m. EDT., which will not name individual graduates or feature a Commencement speaker. University President Anthony Monaco announced on March 30 that in-person Commencement ceremonies would be postponed until the danger […]

Sarah Wiener elected TCU President

Sarah Wiener was elected as the Tufts Community Union (TCU) President over opponent junior Grant Gebetsberger, following the close of a 48-hour election window that began on Thursday at midnight. Wiener, a junior who served on the TCU Senate for three years except for one semester abroad, won the election with 53.89% of the vote […]

Undeterred by pandemic, TCU elections intensify online

Several unusually competitive races for positions in student government began on Friday, as prospective candidates were made official ahead of this week’s online-only general election. Undergraduates will elect candidates to fill 29 Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate seats, seven Judiciary seats and five on the Committee on Student Life (CSL) when polls open for 48 […]

Tufts Mutual Aid steps up to assist students amid move out orders

Tufts students are rallying to provide financial and in-kind assistance to students facing difficulty in the wake of the administration’s decision to continue classes online beginning on March 25. In response to growing concerns about on-campus transmission of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, University President Anthony Monaco announced on Tuesday evening that students living on campus […]

Uphill power outage overshadows penultimate day of in-person classes

Most of the buildings on the Upper Campus were thrust into darkness yesterday morning as students and faculty began their second-to-last day of face-to-face classes of the spring semester. The power outage struck the Hill less than 24 hours after University President Anthony Monaco announced in an email that most students would be required to […]

Events on the Hill — Week of March 8

MONDAY “Irishness, Celtic Culture and Magical Whiteness in the 21st Century” Details: Sean Williams, a professor of music at Evergreen State College who specializes in ethnomusicology, will deliver this week’s Granoff Music Center Colloquium, focusing on Irish music and culture from an ethnomusicological perspective. Lunch will be provided at the end of the event. Where […]

Super Tuesday: Recent polls, closing times

More than 1,000 delegates will be allocated in today’s primary elections that are being held across 14 states in addition to American Samoa. Here are the latest polling and polling averages for some of the states in which the remaining candidates will compete for the Democratic nomination for president. California – 415 delegates Vermont Senator […]