Robert Kaplan is the former business director and executive news editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a junior studying quantitative economics and history and can be reached at [email protected].

The Vintage and the Vogue: The Zuckerberg bible

Michael: Hey Robert, did you respond to my event invite on Facebook? Robert: Yes, I was going to respond right after we wrote this column. Michael: Wow, nice fourth wall break! Just like how Facebook broke a month ago, today.  Robert: Yeah, that was crazy! Even crazier was that at the same time, Facebook executives […]

The Vintage and the Vogue: ‘I’ll have the restorative broth, please’

Michael: Hey Robert, how was dinner last night at that restaurant in the North End? Robert: Thanks for asking, Michael. I hadn’t been in over two years, so it was truly a delight. I never choose fancy, so it really made me feel like a little French aristocrat. Michael: It’s funny you should mention French. […]

The Vintage and the Vogue: Conceiving cuisines

Robert: Hey Michael, I didn’t see you last night. Where were you? Michael: I had a date with Nick’s House of Pizza, and it went deliciously. Robert: That’s great to hear! You know, what we have is real. I know that because you’re not one of those tomato sauce-loathing fiends. You just can’t trust those […]

The Vintage and the Vogue: Phoebe Bridgers and earning godhood

Michael: Hey Robert, how’d you enjoy the Phoebe Bridgers concert? Robert: Let’s just say that I would march to war for her if she asked. I’m no different from a feudal peasant, am I? Michael: I suppose not. The cult of personality surrounding celebrities is not so different from the elite feelings of aristocracy in […]

The Vintage and the Vogue: Almond milk is Lindy

Michael: Hey Robert, what is “Lindy?” Robert: Well, the Lindy Effect is complex, so 10 column-inches is too little space to discuss its full history. To summarize, it stems from a 1964 essay published in The New Republic. “Lindy’s Law,” it was first called, was later developed into a paradigm of statistical survivability: For example, […]

Soundtrack to the end of the world: A world post-pandemic, part 1

For this last column, I asked my friends to share a bit of what they’re looking forward to as a post-pandemic world starts to come into focus. They sent me songs of rumination and rest and, most of all, celebration.

Soundtrack to the end of the world: Normie music

Today is the day you learn one of my secrets. It’s less of a “don’t tell my crush I like them” secret and more of an “I’ve only told five people” secret. Read on and you could be the sixth. Congratulations!

Letter from the Managing Board: Let’s get to work

On behalf of The Tufts Daily, welcome back to the Hill. We know this is a time of unique challenges, but we know this semester will undoubtedly yield meaningful experiences as well. As journalists, we are inspired by the advocacy and strength of our community. We watched and reported as you provided resources for those […]

Letter from the News Editor: Why we report

I confess: This letter was difficult for me to write. It is extremely rare for the Daily to publish a letter from the executive news editor, especially so in our final issue of the year. The turbulence of this semester, however, prompts me to break from this precedent. Many developments followed University President Anthony Monaco’s […]

Q&A: Monaco outlines possible return in fall, reflects on turbulent year

Bookended by a string of consecutive incidents of hate and a disruptive pandemic, the 2019–20 academic year witnessed significant changes to Tufts’ campus. University President Anthony Monaco joined the Daily via Zoom to discuss these developments and more.  The Tufts Daily (TD): What were some of the significant issues, accomplishments and challenges this year before […]