Rebecca Redelmeier is a sophomore majoring in English. Rebecca can be reached at [email protected]

Tufts By Numbers: The Land of No Data: Internships

This past week, Tufts students dressed in heels and suit jackets walked (willingly! hopefully!) into a big black hole of data: internships. At Tufts’ career fair last Friday, hundreds of students milled around, hopeful to become one part of the invisible statistics of internships. But shaking hands and collecting business cards aside, how much are […]

Tufts by Numbers: Back to School

As Tufts students prepared to submit their new semester schedule, many were met with Tuft’s Student Information System’s (SIS) website’s dreaded error message, which led to them being placed on the waitlist — or worse, shut out — of classes in which they had planned to enroll. For the current spring semester, Tufts’ 5,290 undergraduate students competed […]

National discourse on sanctuary campuses: Where does Tufts fit in?

For students looking to effect change outside the “Tufts bubble,” the sanctuary movement serves as at least one way in which Tufts students are connecting to a growing movement taking place across the country. Since Election Day, almost 200 sanctuary campus petitions have emerged nationwide, according to Xavier Maciel, a first-year transfer student at Pomona College. Maciel […]