Rebecca Barker is an Outreach Coordinator, News Editor and former Managing Editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a senior studying international relations. Rebecca can be reached at [email protected]

Student conduct violations increase significantly during COVID-19 pandemic

The Dean of Student Affairs Office released its annual report detailing community standards violations of the 2020–2021 academic year last week, including 2,058 alleged violations of the Fall 2020 Campus Guide. Tufts’ current report lists 2,056 violations due to an error and will be updated shortly, according to Lindsay Ferguson, Tufts’ assistant director of community […]

Physics department celebrates Black in Physics Week

The physics department celebrated Black in Physics Week for the first time with a mix of in-person and virtual events during the week of Oct. 24–30. Black in Physics Week began in October 2020 with the intent of recognizing and commemorating the contributions of Black physicists to the scientific community.  Tufts University’s events were coordinated […]

Headlines from off the Hill: Medford implements Adopt-a-Drain program

The City of Medford implemented a new Adopt-a-Drain program in August, allowing residents to clean storm drains in their neighborhoods and check the drains for leaves, trash and debris. The initiative began in Saint Paul, Minn. in 2014. Its initial success resulted in the development of dozens of other Adopt-a-Drain programs across the United States.  […]

Greek life returns to in-person events, Zeta Psi disbanded after COVID-19 violations

Greek life is back to in-person activities for the first time since the spring 2020 semester. This fall, new local sororities Thalia and The Ivy are holding their first in-person events for their Membership Application Processes (MAP). However, Delta Tau Delta (DTD) has been placed on probation and Zeta Psi was disbanded by the university […]

Cover to cover: Class of 2021’s 4 years on campus, reviewed

The Class of 2021’s time at Tufts was marked by historic events and systemic changes. From student activism to an overhaul of Greek life to a pandemic that changed the way students learn and live on campus, the Daily has documented some of the most memorable moments in the past four years. As the Class […]

University to end COVID-19 testing, on-campus housing prior to Senior Week

Though Tufts is making students who live on campus move out of their on-campus housing before these events, most of the senior class lives in off-campus houses in the Medford/Somerville area. TCU Senate President Sarah Wiener, Vice President Grant Gebetsberger and Treasurer Sharif Hamidi conducted a survey and found that 95% of respondents had finalized plans to stay in the Medford/Somerville area for Senior Week.

Office of Sustainability and Eco Reps launch Earth Month programming with Zero Waste Week

Woolston explained that the public nature of Zero Waste Week — in which one’s trash is easily visible to others through the bags provided by the Office of Sustainability and Eco Reps — allows for participants to reevaluate their relationship with trash. Woolston further noted that one of the biggest challenges for those who have engaged with Zero Waste Week in the past has been the embarrassment that people feel about their waste. 

Bridging Differences Grant program to provide new funding to projects with explicitly anti-racist focuses

The Bridging Differences Grant program is now in its third year, having been formed with the initial intent to fund projects that allow for discussion and communication about topics on which there may be diverging perspectives, according to Bridging Differences co-chairs Rob Mack and Joyce Sackey. 

Campus Safety and Policing workstream highlights possibilities for TUPD reform, arming status to be revisited

The report addressed the presence and role of TUPD officers on campus. Along with the recommendations regarding the arming status of police officers on campus, the section advocated for the outsourcing of current TUPD responsibilities to non-police-officer personnel.

2020 vision: Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal discusses brand’s civic engagement, new store opening

Preserving financial accessibility and a people-first mindset is paramount for Neil Blumenthal, a Tufts alumnus who co-founded the high-quality and fashionable eye-glasses company, Warby Parker. Blumenthal graduated from Tufts in 2002 with degrees in international relations and history.