On Queer: On protest, on police

Monday, May 1 marked May Day 2017. May Day has for a long time played a strange, dual role in Western society. Some people view it as a celebration of spring, with maypoles and flower festivals. For others, it is International Workers’ Day. This day of dedication and protest has existed since 1886, when Chicago factory […]

On Queer: On space

Recently, we’ve come to realize that Rainbow House is quite small. Situated in Hillside Apartments, our apartment comes with eight bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a common room. We are not wheelchair-accessible, and we have to sit on tables if we all want to meet in the common room. But we didn’t realize how […]

On Queer: On coming out

I never stop coming out to new and old friends. Every time I converse about my weekend or about romantic or sexual adventures, I contemplate the terms my peers and I mutually understand. Most of the time, I can get away with saying “partner” and leave it at that. However, more often than not, there […]

On Queer: On keeping quiet

When I was a kid, I did gymnastics. I loved the sport, the aggressiveness contrasted with grace. Sometimes, I did not love the people I did it with. The gym I trained at was full of people very set in their ways and of the opinion that people unlike them are somehow less deserving of their […]

On Queer: On Peer Pressure

I remember sitting on the bedroom floor of the first girl I ever loved. We were chatting about identity and eating Tostitos. She decided to tell me the story of how a friend of hers had recently slept with a girl from her math class. It was her friend’s first time. She had all of […]

On Queer: On income

@jumbo_geese: My personal favorite Instagram (besides my own, let’s be real here). “But anonymous Rainbow House author,” you think, “There are no geese at Tufts!” Ah, of course, except for that most elusive (or, rather, not elusive at all) breed of fowl: the Tufts Canada Goose. That’s right, those jackets with the distinctive (wild-trapped, horrifically […]

On Queer: On censorship

The bottom text meme. Everyone’s favorite self-referential internet in-joke. The premise goes something like this: Mid-2000s online meme generators would offer users a meme image template, complete with placeholder text boxes on the top and bottom of the image. Most commonly, they would read “TOP TEXT” and “BOTTOM TEXT,” referencing their locations. Whether the meme […]

On Queer: On appearances

After I came out to my parents, I cut my hair. I went from below the shoulders to a shaggy pixie cut. I wanted to look gay. I wanted people to see me as a queer person because it was something I had denied myself for a long time for fear of people finding out. […]

On Queer: On tiny hands

The rhetoric surrounding the Dorito-in-Chief has been intense and varied since the beginning of the end a year and a half ago. His racism, xenophobia, misogynistic views, sexual perversion and downright ineptitude have been plastered front and center on nearly every protest sign and late night talk show, and rightfully so. But one line of […]

On Queer: On sex and anxiety

Confession time: I’m terrified of sex. As much as I love being intimate with other men (my friends can attest, I am very gay), thoughts of sex immediately turn into concerns about my body, or sweating, or how my hair looks ridiculous when disheveled, or an overwhelming lack of confidence in my own appearance. It’s […]