RaiAnn Bu is an contributing writer and Arts Editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a junior, class of 2024, majoring in Mathematics and Community Health. RaiAnn can be reached at [email protected]

Let Hugh Hefner rest in peril

Chilly air, leaves falling, an ominous wind. Fall season is upon us again and one of the spookiest days of the year is imminent: Halloween. Don’t let the ghosts distract you from the real fear of Halloween: ugly costumes.  There are the classic Halloween costumes that are expected to be seen every year, such as […]

Sweatshops in America and sustainability in fashion

The slow fashion movement was first introduced in 2007 by journalist Kate Fletcher, who detailed fashion’s responsibility regarding transparent practices, production of environmentally sustainable items and fair conditions for workers. Since then, interest in sustainable fashion has increased in niche groups and gained more public interest during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated and […]

Cowboys, aliens and the spectacle: The symbolism in ‘Nope’

Director Jordan Peele cannot be stopped. Debuting in July 2022, “Nope” captured audiences as Peele’s third directorial film. The film shines as a new addition to the ‘space Western’ genre, which marries spaghetti Westerns with a thrilling sci-fi alien adventure. Peele implements his signature style of adapting old horror tropes to comment on contemporary issues. […]

Micro-Trend of the Week: Look how they did the toes

Introduced in the 1989 spring summer collection, the Tabi shoe has become the most iconic piece synonymous with the French luxury, high fashion brand Maison Margiela. Its polarizing silhouette, a split-toe sock reminiscent of hooves, has amassed a ‘colt’ following ready to defend Tabis to their very last breath. The Tabi, however, is not a […]

Arts editors and tour guides talk about their nontraditional connection to the arts on campus

Art comes in many forms, and it permeates all facets of life. No matter how removed from artistic practice some people may be, it’s undeniable the impact that art has on everyone. Two editors of the Daily dive into their own experiences with the arts and how they came to join a greater community of […]

Micro-trend of the Week: Woke jeans

Fashion is one of the strongest social performances of gender expression. Through clothing, one communicates social status, identity, affiliations and values, allowing fashion to be one of the apparent rebellions against gender conformity as well as the strongest chain to the gender binary. Gender-neutral fashion has been rising in popularity as a result of an […]

Micro-Trend of the Week: So you were wrong: A survival guide

After seven weeks of hard-hitting fashion journalism, the well has run a bit dry. There’s nothing else to report on, a lull as the seasons transition. So instead, I have constructed a guide based on learned and lived experience on how to survive wasting your money.  Step 1: Regret. Everyone has their flaws. At one […]

Micro-Trend of the Week: ‘I’M SCREAMING’

In recent marketing and advertising trends, there has been a shift from high production value to an intentionally unpolished bid for authenticity. Ads have become sponsored hauls: an ordinary girl following the familiar template and vernacular of another haul video, seemingly devoid of a secondary motive to sell you a product, or a Twitter screenshot […]

Oak + Fort Refined: Sustainable clothing in Boston

Oak Refined by Oak + Fort opened on March 25 in the Prudential Center in Boston, demonstrating sustainable fashion holistically through the decor of the store, clothing materials and company transparency.  The Oak Refined pop-up in Boston is one of a kind, its clothing made with sustainability in mind with the backdrop of the store […]

Micro-Trend of the Week: He was a punk; she did ballet

The ballet platform has become one of the most coveted new shoes of the season, featured on the runway by designers such as Simone Rocha, Miu Miu, Comme des Garçons and Cecilie Bahnsen. The style has surely begun to make its way into the closet of TikTok influencers, capitalizing off of the ephemerality of the […]

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