Raga Chilakamarri is a junior studying English and economics. She is an assistant features editor and columnist in the arts section. Raga can be reached at [email protected]

On Demand: ‘Never Have I Ever’ been the star of an American teen dramedy

My housemate Nyssa’s most underused fun fact is that she auditioned for the role of Devi on Mindy Kaling’s “Never Have I Ever” (2020–), a YA-esque Netflix series about a first-generation South Indian American high schooler intent on improving her social status. The role, though, went to Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (You’re still a queen, Nyssa).  As […]

On Demand: ‘Strangers,’ ‘Love Life’ and the subtle rise of Zoë Chao.  

For a brief period in high school, I would end the school night by watching a web series on Facebook Watch before bed. There’s an image evoked by these private moments: laying sideways, my cheek pressed against the pillow; leaning into my horizontally-held iPhone, the short charging cable restricting my mobile radius; my glasses pinching […]

Tufts students reflect on style, self-expression in 2021: Part 2

Fashion can hint at flash frames of a current generation, marking social media-inspired trends or cultural shifts in attitude. On an individual level, experimenting with personal style often goes hand in hand with understanding oneself, and for some students at Tufts, clothing emerges as one of many mediums to explore and represent their identity. Libby […]

On Demand: Not a lot of luggage but a lot to unpack in ‘The Wilds’

Like most people, I’ve daydreamed about my likelihood of surviving in apocalyptic or suddenly traumatic situations like “The Hunger Games“ (2008–10), zombie attacks or being marooned on an island. While I lack any evolutionary faith in myself to successfully perform DIY outdoors survival, as a member of Tufts Wilderness Orientation, I’m sure I could finagle […]

On Demand: ‘Parenthood’ examines messy, beautiful relationships of big families

I attended my cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago, which was, in classic Indian tradition, a four-day affair that included six outfit changes and a tastefully unsynchronized dance performance required of me as part of my cousin-ly obligations.    I come from a big extended family, so at any family function like this one, the puzzling […]

On Demand: Walking and talking and ‘The West Wing’

Although I work at the Career Center, the best job fair I’ve ever attended is 20 years’ worth of television watching. “Grey’s Anatomy” (2005–) briefly made me reevaluate my lifelong rejection of my mother’s lifelong dream that I become a doctor. Rory Gilmore coerced me — as did probably every other liberal arts girl near […]

Tufts students reflect on style, self-expression in 2021

Strolling through the Mayer Campus Center is like scrolling through a Pinterest board of Tufts style, where a hodgepodge of students’ aesthetics mix and mingle, collide and collage. Across a campus of over 6,000 people, Tufts fashion can’t be confined to exact archetypes. This series simply means to capture a glimpse of “Tufts style” or, […]

On Demand: Does she cook or does she just watch ‘Top Chef’?

I want to preface this week’s column by saying yes, I have seen Netflix’s talk-of-the town “Squid Game” (2021–), and yes, it did fracture my heart in many ways that I’d love to unpack. However, I also do believe that there are few worse things than a show spoilt, so for the sanctity and integrity […]

On Demand: ‘Generation,’ confusion, emotion and other things that end in -ion

I’ve only recently reconciled with the fact that I’m a member of Generation Z. Beyond being a Sagittarius born in the Year of the Dragon, I’m not quite sure where I expected to lay in the generational matrix; though, one viral tweet did confirm that I’m an honorary member of the Black Eyed Peas. I […]

On Demand: An ode to ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ and the glory of new beginning

Wishing my life was a TV show has the same energy as romanticizing trips to Costco and pretending The Sink baristas are the archetypal “popular kids.” Although I don’t need it, I just want an excuse to battle through song (“Glee,” (2009–15)) and speak in an Irish accent (“Derry Girls,” (2018–)) and drink coffee for […]