Quinn Pham is a sophomore studying international relations. Quinn can be reached at quinn.pham@tufts.edu.

Human: Opinions

We are nearing the end of the semester, and I am sitting here, writing my last piece. I think it’s appropriate now to talk a bit about how we got here. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I’ve never felt ownership of my writing. Part of it is how my past education has taught me that […]

Human: Strengths, shortcomings of theory of mind

How aware are you of other people’s perception of you? Do you know if you sometimes take up too much space? Talk too loudly? Not loudly enough?  Here’s an example: I’m having a conversation with someone and they won’t stop talking. I can get about two sentences in, and then somehow they’ll find a way […]

Human: Motivation

Call me idealistic, but, for me, passion is the primary motivator when I’m considering my future career. It started when I received a LinkedIn notification — yes, LinkedIn. One of my acquaintances had shared a post about how you should not pursue your career based on your passions but instead based on what makes you […]

Human: Self-assessment

I’ve arrived at the time of year where I’m caught in the endless grind between midterms and finals and a new sort of grind: looking for internships and jobs. To make this more difficult, what I am studying at Tufts does not have a straightforward, obvious path to employment. Tentatively, I checked out Tufts’ Career […]

Human: The brain

Last Thursday, I attended a talk on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) by Matthias Scheutz, professor of computer science and director of the Human-Robot Interaction Lab at Tufts. Towards the end of the talk, someone asked Professor Scheutz whether he thought there would ever be a point at which AI can replicate human thinking, to which […]

Human: Clutter and declutter

Do you need the silence of the Tisch Library reading room to get any studying done? Or do you prefer to sit at Kindlevan Café, immersed in your work with background chatter as ambient noise? Or are you a homey person who likes the comfort and convenience of your own room? Essentially, do you need […]

Human: Home

You know that weather app that comes with the iPhone? I think my mom added a Medford tab to hers because a couple days ago, out of the blue, she nagged me about wearing my puffy winter coat and an extra layer of pants since the temperature had dropped to below 10℃. I did not, but I […]

Human: Formula

Lately, while procrastinating on convoluted assignments, I ask myself why I chose college over the variety of options I could have gone with after high school, each leading me down a complex and unpredictable path. But then I look at the clock, fret about grades and go back to studying. The real questions that keep […]