Pooja Sivaraman

Pooja Sivaraman is a senior majoring in economics. She can be reached at [email protected]

New York Style Delhi: Senti Solomon and Sivaraman

Rebecca: This is our last New York Style Dehli. Pooja and I have been giving advice to the Tufts community for two years now and by that we mean our housemates who take advantage of our anonymous Google doc. Yes, Neva, this was about you. It has become scarily apparent that this could be the […]

The dad edition?

Rebecca: This week’s edition of NYSD was supposed to be our dad edition, but instead we will be having my mom (again) and Pooja’s dad edition.  Rooting for the Mets for over 50 years has caused my dad to cherish the little things (he does not see NYSD as one of those things) and to […]

The mom edition

Pooja: Rebecca and I consistently say that in 10 years, we will become our mothers. Since moms are the best advice givers, we decided to outsource our column this week to Mama Siv and Mama Solo! From my side, you will be getting top notch advice from a bubbly Bombay-ite who talks to plants and thinks […]

Read between the lines

Someone asked me this week if NYSD was just Rebecca and me talking about our personal lives and whether that is considered an “advice” column. To this, my response was…obviously. Yes, Rebecca and I do primarily talk about ourselves, but what better way to get advice? A large part of advice is learning what NOT […]

Caught in Cambria

Rebecca: I hate change. Not in an unhealthy way, but in a crotchety, obstinate, “I refuse to update anything way.” I live under the theory of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I especially feel this way about technology. I was using iOS 5.1 until last semester. As I am writing this intro, I […]

The Bout of Drought

On the eve of this Halloween, I twisted my ankle. Despite what the “Minions” (2015) movie tells you, just because you dress like a minion for Halloween does not mean you can bounce off the walls unharmed. What was weirder, however, was my Halloween experience at the hospital the next day. First of all, there […]

New York Style Delhi: The Halloweekender Edition

Rebecca: This past weekend, I went home to New York. My mom loves anything Sci-Fi, and as per usual, she was watching “Z Nation” (2014-present). Not only does she love it, she hates when people hurt the integrity of the story. Once, when my mom killed a moth, I yelled “Godzilla killed Mothra.” She began […]

Night at the Sex Museum

Pooja: Since I am an only child, I was essentially born a third wheel. While Rebecca can actually claim to be a tricycle (she is a triplet), I was born as the add-on to a pre-existing relationship. So, it’s safe to say that I’ve gotten pretty good at it. During high school, I found myself […]

Nw Yrk Styl Dlh

Pooja: This week, I am going to indulge in some grandmother-style musings. Rebecca and I are pretty sure that we are turning into old people — while she sits at home watching “Longmire” (2012-present), I watch youths from a distance and criticize their every move. These past few months, I have started to notice a […]

Pod*cast* away

Rebecca: Upon returning to Tufts this year, I found myself in a lonely Wi-Fi-less abyss. No internet meant no Netflix. I could not binge watch “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet” (2015-present), and in desperation, I turned to podcasts. I started listening to “The Savage Lovecast” (2010-present), Dan Savage’s podcast. I have never listened to anything like it […]