Pooja Sivaraman

Pooja Sivaraman is a senior majoring in economics. She can be reached at [email protected]

NYSD: If this isn’t nice, what is?

Rebecca: New York Style Dehli is the longest running Opinion column the Daily has had. Not only is it the longest running, but it is the only one column written by two people. Seeing as we’re seasoned Daily writers, Pooja and I have written a commencement issue before. However, we have never written a commencement this close […]

NYSD: Shortcomings

Rebecca:  This week, I went home for Passover and was reminded of my shortcomings. My mom sent me out to buy Coca-Cola. As I entered the supermarket, I realized that the sodas I needed were on the highest shelf, and the front layers of them were already taken. I knew that getting a Coke would […]

NYSD: One Tufts Hill

Pooja: Lately I’ve been watching a lot of “One Tree Hill” (OTH) (2003-2012) — and by a lot I mean I just got to 100 episodes. It’s definitely a bit strange to start watching now, seeing as most of the songs and references are circa 2002. However, watching OTH lets me live through the American teenage […]

NYSD: Café I want my ma-ni back

Last week, my friend Julie and I went to lunch at our favorite, no-frills restaurant. The restaurant is quite small, so we were seated at the bar; this was the first harbinger that something fishy was afoot. From our perch at the bar, I was able to see the workers preparing our food, without gloves. […]

NYSD: How to win games and eat cheese

Earlier today I was reading an article in The New Yorker about self-help books and whether they actually make you a better person. The article, “The Life Biz” questions the motives of people aiming to “Win Friends and Influence People,” claiming that it’s more about winning clientele and influencing customers. Now that most seniors are on […]

NYSD: Senior Dinners and Midterm Jitters

Pooja: If you were one of the several people that attended the Senior Dinner at Monaco’s house last week, you would have been witness to NYSD’s shameless advertising of our column during the open mic. However, I must mention how that open mic session was probably one of the cutest student havens I have been […]

It’s Econ*LIT*

Rebecca: Being a second-semester senior is weird. I find myself nostalgic about the strangest things, like online databases. The other day one of my professors mentioned that we should take advantage of resources like JSTOR and EconLit because when we graduate, our access to these databases will disappear. Anxiety washed over me, knowing that my […]

New York Style Delhi: Leap of Faith

Pooja: As I am writing this on the 29th of February, I am reminded of a strange feeling. The 366th day of the year can have different meanings based on who you talk to. For Cam, it is now his eleventh birthday (Modern Family)! For the 1310 seniors and myself graduating in May, it is […]

New York Style Dehli: Marco DeMarco

Rebecca: I often write about my mom, mostly because I regard her as a sage. When giving advice, I always fall back on her musings. However, today’s introduction is about my mom’s interaction with Mac DeMarco. My brother is a huge Mac DeMarco fan, and after finding out that Mac was summering on our peninsula, […]

New York Style Delhi: YK16

Pooja: Rebecca has often compared herself to Cher, not only to the artist but also the fictional character from the 1995 film “Clueless.” There are many reasons to draw a comparison between the two, but the most important would be their shared love of matchmaking. Rebecca loves to matchmake, and I often seem to find […]