Polykhroma is an independent curating collective founded by eight students excited to encourage active engagement among our community with the arts.

Polykhromatic: On using your privilege

My childhood was filled with trips to museums. I remember seeing an Amedeo Modigliani exhibit at the Jewish Museum with my grandparents and going on field trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was natural for me to take art history in high school and continue my studies at Tufts. I look forward to […]

Polykhromatic: An argument for the interdisciplinary

What do you major in if you want to change the world? International relations? Peace and justice studies? I propose an alternative: art history. There are only 16 seniors graduating this spring with a degree in art history. What this tells me is that the subject has yet to shed its reputation as an esoteric, purely […]

Polykhromatic: On the perks of brutal honesty

Modern architecture has always been a topic of controversy. Ever since the house became a “machine for living” as Le Corbusier notoriously declared in his treatise “Toward an Architecture” (1923) people started developing strong opinions on buildings and even some “real” feelings for architecture. With the technological advancements of the 20th century and accompanying obsession with […]

Polykhromatic: On differing art scenes

My first year at Tufts, I would take day trips to New York. I would take the 7 a.m. Greyhound bus, Uber from Port Authority to the High Line, visit the galleries in Chelsea, have a quick lunch and head back to Boston around 6 p.m. This year, I am less stressed about my workload […]

Polykhromatic: On art and accessibility

Boston’s close proximity to our campus places renowned works of art at an arm’s distance away. Wandering the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), expect to stumble upon a room encircled by Monet landscapes or centered on the stunning work of Kehinde Wiley. Much of this art is impressive, but when judging the […]

Polykhromatic: On virtual creative spaces

Where do we find creative communities at Tufts? Perhaps our first instinct is to begin our search in physical space: Tufts has dozens of performance groups, ensembles and unique publications, as well as an Arts Haus and a Crafts House. There’s also the SMFA, art studios in Lane Hall, the Crafts Center and the Tufts Art Gallery. While this […]

Polykhromatic: ‘The Artist’s Museum’ at the ICA

Through March 26, the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston (ICA) is showcasing “The Artist’s Museum.” The exhibition includes works by 12 contemporary artists in various mediums including film, sculpture and photography. “The Artist’s Museum” explores the human impulse of collecting and curating, a compulsion at the center of museums, and utilizes it as a means of expression. Museums […]

Polykhromatic: On Boston and art

A tour of Tufts is never complete without a stop at Tisch Library’s roof. With Boston’s skyline in the distance, the expansive vista makes the city’s proximity to Tufts seem tangible in ways that subway maps or shuttle schedules never could. Yes, Tufts exists at the periphery of a bustling metropolis, an international social space, […]