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‘The Glass Hotel’: An examination of disasters large and small

With the coronavirus moving rapidly around the world, it feels both eerie and well-timed to be reviewing Emily St. John Mandel’s work. Of the author’s past four books, her last was “Station Eleven” (2014), a novel about the devastation of the world following a flu pandemic (Mandel herself has advocated to wait a few months […]

Offill wades through climate anxiety in ‘Weather’

In most popular apocalypse stories, the plot largely takes place either during or after a worldwide catastrophe. After a disaster or plague, we watch protagonists struggling to survive in a society post-collapse, which only vaguely resembles our current world.  In an inversion of this narrative, “Weather” (2020) by Jenny Offill instead focuses its attention on […]

Carmen Maria Machado publishes personal memoir ‘In the Dream House’

Late into “In The Dream House” (2019), Carmen Maria Machado recalls how, in the midst of an abusive relationship, she found that her creativity unexpectedly flourished. Though she notes that one would assume that this context would have the opposite effect, Machado instead found herself prolific, producing stories outside of conventional forms. The shape of […]

The power of memory in Coates’ ‘The Water Dancer’

In some ways, a Ta-Nehisi Coates novel might come as unexpected. His professional career has consisted of formidable social critiques as a nonfiction writer, best known for his books “Between the World and Me” (2015) and “We Were Eight Years in Power” (2017). “The Water Dancer” (2019) is a departure from his background with a […]