Paul Osmond is a Contributing Writer at the Tufts Daily.

For the culture: Why do artists adopt alter egos?

I just read an article in GQ in which Lil Uzi Vert talked about his newest alter ego, “AstroCat.” I know Uzi has adopted several egos in the past, and I thought it would be interesting to do a quick enumeration of some of my favorite celebrity alternate personalities. Last week I wrote about Kanye […]

For the Culture: Virgil Abloh’s subversive album art

Rest peacefully, Virgil Abloh. I was never his greatest fan, but I certainly could not ignore the impact he had on both hip hop and fashion. Founding Off-White (originally called “PYREX VISION”) and eventually joining Louis Vuitton as its men’s artistic director, Abloh was a pure creative — he was an artist as much as […]

For the Culture: Is art ever really ‘new’?

I have been very inspired recently. I suspect this has to do with the arrival of fall, my favorite season. I wondered whether others shared this inspiration, and I soon discovered this was not necessarily the case. Hardly any of my friends felt as inspired as I was, and I began to wonder where inspiration […]

For the Culture: Dyed hair shows art of self-expression

So, I just dyed my hair for the fourth time, and in the process, I began to think about how many musicians have dyed hair. Now, as a Black man with locs, I immediately think of rapper Lil Uzi Vert, who is known for his colorful hair. But there are other musicians with all types […]

For the Culture: PluggnB artists bend rap fashion gender norms

Nearly eight months ago, my brother introduced me to a musician who had just signed with Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records: SoFaygo. Although his music has not left my ears since, it is his fashion that has interested me most. Like Jaden Smith and Young Thug, who are other gender-bending fashion influences in rap, SoFaygo […]

For the Culture: Pop culture flirts with intimacy

Last year, I observed “the arrival of colorful knitwear with intricate patterns, landscapes and famous artwork” and predicted they would be paired with “’70s printed designs” in 2021. Although I have not seen as many Renaissance paintings knitted into clothing as I would have liked, there has blossomed a homely new connection between streetwear and […]

For the Culture: Why does hip-hop love Takashi Murakami?

Ubiquitous in pop culture since the early 2000s, Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami is familiar with co-relating high and low culture. Among other achievements, he founded the “superflat” theory, which draws on traditional “flattened” Japanese printing with anime and pop culture imagery. He is also famed for his strong collaborative relationship with high fashion label […]

The Met Gala’s ‘American Independence’ theme gave celebrity outfits too much freedom

  Huh? Everyone has been anxiously waiting for the 2021 Met Gala after COVID-19 postponed last year’s event. With 2019 bringing popularity to camp fashion, many were surprised to see this year’s Gala diverge from eccentric, exaggerated style and adopt the rather unimaginative “American Independence” theme. Even so, there is hardly anything independent about American […]

Tiffany & Co. creates controversy with new campaign

Launched in print globally on Sept. 2, Tiffany & Co.’s “About Love” marks the luxury jeweler’s first collaboration with the legendary Carter duo as they celebrate modern love.  “Ushering in a new brand identity, this campaign embodies the beauty of love through time and all its diverse facets, forging a new vision of love today,” […]

The Aria collection celebrates Gucci’s 100th anniversary

Wow. One hundred years of Gucci. While some would party with champagne and fireworks, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele celebrates with his Aria collection (2021): a presentation of Gucci’s brilliant historical craft with a touch of modern creativity. Michele vehemently asserts, “Gucci’s long history can’t be contained within a single inaugural act,” and his work certainly reflects the brand's multitudinous inspirations: founder Guccio Gucci’s “horse wear”; former creative director Tom Ford’s hedonist aesthetic; and Michele’s own chic style.