All in Good Taste-Sportello

With the ever-present threat of finals looming ominously over our heads, my roommate Ana and I decide to counteract the negativity by treating ourselves to a night out in Boston. We began to scour the internet for fine-dining in the city and eventually settled on Sportello, an Italian restaurant located in the Fort Point district. […]

All in Good Taste: JUGOS and Kwench

Though it may be “basic” no one can resist a good acai bowl with granola and fresh berries. My journey to discover a great smoothie bowl was not fruitless, but unfortunately, I was unable to find any options particularly close to the Tufts campus. That said, the smoothie bowl you have been craving (or at […]

All In Good Taste: Posto

On Elm Street, just beyond the center of Davis Square, sits Posto, a wood-fired Italian restaurant. The owners of Posto have a monopoly on high-end eateries in Somerville, as they also own Rosebud and The Painted Burro, which both reside a few storefronts over. The restaurant is relatively small and always packed with customers. Upon […]

All in Good Taste: Mamaleh’s

“I don’t just want potato latkes … I need them,” I told my roommate Saturday morning. One of the things I miss most about home is my weekly trip to the local Jewish deli. For weeks, I had been dreaming about matzah ball soup and noodle kugel. After a quick Google search, we hop in […]

All in Good Taste: The Beehive

Parents’ Weekend is the opportune time to force your family to take you to a restaurant that’s a little too far away and a little too out of your price range. With this in mind, I dragged my mother to Boston’s South End to go to The Beehive. The Beehive has been widely acclaimed as […]

All in Good Taste: Rosa Mexicano

Somewhere between the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Boston Harbor, we find Rosa Mexicano, a high-end yet fairly reasonably-priced Mexican restaurant in the Seaport District. The eatery has a location in almost every major American city and even has a few sites in Dubai and Puerto Rico. The chain was started in 1984 and is […]

All in Good Taste: Thelonious Monkfish

I am excited for another opportunity to visit the jazz-themed Asian fusion restaurant, despite its slightly hectic atmosphere. The restaurant is perpetually dark, and we are always greeted by the sound of a piano and trumpet playing live from one room over. Though on multiple occasions I have experienced almost infuriating wait times, even after making […]

All in Good Taste: Mr. Bartley’s review

My roommate Ana and I are enticed by the “Best in Boston” signs outside the door of Mr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burgers in Harvard Square and are immediately sold once we enter the one-room restaurant. The eclectic space is littered with posters and knick-knacks making it a cross between a dorm room and a 1960s diner. […]

All in good taste: Bagelsaurus review

I am almost appreciative of the long line outside of Bagelsaurus that winds its way around the street in Porter Square. After a slow start to my Sunday morning, I’m eager for any excuse to prolong starting my homework. My first piece of advice regarding Bagelsaurus is not to be discouraged by the line. There is […]

All in good taste: Saus review

Whether in Davis Square or beyond, sometimes it’s refreshing to get a break from Dewick and Carmichael. I’m Parker, a sophomore who admittedly spends an unhealthy amount of time searching for tasty Boston restaurants. This column will hopefully provide some must (or must not) stops in the Boston area. Nestled among the pubs and taverns […]