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Op-Ed: A new (or lost) Tufts ethos

I’m hardly the one to reminisce, and don’t think I’ve ever been the “school spirit” type. In fact, I’m a bit notorious for not stepping foot on campus since my sophomore spring — save my classes, don’t worry mom. But as of late, I’ve found myself fondly revisiting some of my earliest memories of Tufts. This […]

Op-Ed: Convenience or corporatization: Analyzing the new Instagram algorithm

Instagram has not only transformed because of its growing membership, ubiquity or usefulness for brands and other public entities. Changes to Instagram’s algorithm have altered the way we view and access shared content in our feeds. In essence, the new algorithm attempts to provide you with content types you “engage” with most: If you tend to like […]

P.S. ..: Slaves among us

Dec. 18 will mark 152 years since the formal abolition of slavery in the United States. For many, that watershed event marked the beginning of a long and convoluted process, including the continued unlearning of racial prejudice, and the reformation of structural inequalities throughout our judicial, economic and political systems. Yet in spite of this, […]

P.S. …: Serenading Scaramucci

I often have to consider the repercussions of my actions when writing articles. These may include a concerned text from my parents, or potential employers accessing my views with only a quick Google search. Now, apparently, the list of repercussions when writing for a small university newspaper may include legal action. Accordingly, I want to […]

P.S. …: Experience: An Infinite Regress

Like most college seniors, one of my deepest, most pathetic fears is the idea of graduating jobless and unemployable. When searching for jobs, there are several recommended steps — have a good resume, make it clean and organized and somewhat worth reading and have said resume include good other jobs and internships, termed “past experience.” […]

P.S. …: In mass shootings, domestic violence affects all of us

In the aftermath of America’s most recent mass shooting, it’s easy to engage in several discussions. The first, and most obvious, is perhaps the most daunting — how to impose meaningful gun control, or at the least, how to introduce legislation that limits or fully bans the purchase of silencers, “bump stocks” and other military-grade […]

P.S. …: Is “Me Too” enough?

I, like most women I imagine, could say “me too” about several instances. These range from being groped by strangers, to street harassment, to assault, to discovering that a high school teacher and mentor was a sexual predator once I had graduated. And therein lies an important message — sexual violence isn’t a single event […]

P.S. …: How to win friends and isolate people

As modernity offers more opportunities to be socially integrated, people have never felt more alone. In 2004, the General Social Survey found that the number of Americans with no close friends has roughly tripled since 1985. Over a quarter of those surveyed reported having “zero” confidants, and the average number of people Americans feel they […]

P.S. …: Blade Runner

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I had intended to watch “Blade Runner 2049,” but after plans fell through, I decided it would be best to revisit the original, as well as briefly skim Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (1968). For those of you who aren’t Blade Runner fans like I am, […]

P.S. …: The good, the bad and the bunny

Content warning: This column mentions sexual violence. Few people have had as flamboyant, controversial or divisive of a public persona as Hugh Hefner. I myself have had wavering opinions about Hefner, beginning in childhood (I grew up in Los Angeles, so in many ways Playboy was part of my community). At first, I saw Hefner […]