Owen Bonk is a sophomore who has not yet declared a major. Owen can be reached at [email protected]

Students reflect on creation of center for Indigenous and Native students

In October 2021, the Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion announced its plans to create a new identity center for Indigenous and Native American students. This center will join the seven currently established identity centers: the Africana, Asian American, FIRST, LGBT, Latinx and Women’s Centers and the Center for STEM Diversity. The plans have been […]

Q&A: Dr. Michael Jordan discusses Tufts’ COVID-19 response

Dr. Michael Jordan was appointed as the university's infection control health director in August 2020. n this position, Jordan has spearheaded the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, overseeing testing, vaccination and contact tracing programs. The Daily interviewed Jordan over email to discuss his role in Tufts' COVID-19 response.

Jesse Mermell, Dave Cavell discuss congressional campaigns, new Tisch College course

Before joining together to teach a course in the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life for the spring 2021 semester, longtime friends Jesse Mermell and Dave Cavell (LA'06) were competitors in Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional District Democratic primary. Their course, "Talking Points, Tweets, and TikTok: Modern Political Communications and Message Development," reflects their experiences on the virtual campaign trail.

Since You Last Saw Me: When writers carry pitchforks

I love Pitchfork because its writers are “poptimists” and rap enthusiasts; they take the things I enjoy seriously, but always leave room for melodrama and Camp. For these reasons, I couldn’t give it a more glowing review.

Since You Last Saw Me: On time traveling and uncertainty

Whenever I return to my parents’ house, it’s like traveling back in time. My childhood room, filled with personal artifacts I can’t bring myself to throw away, seems to shrink every time I enter it. The whole setting doesn’t seem quite right. This new life I’ve been living on my own feels incongruous with everything here.

Since You Last Saw Me: The new normal

In her first speech as vice president-elect of the United States, Kamala Harris said, “while I may be the first woman to hold this office, I will not be the last.” It’s a reminder that the work of representation is not done: A first cannot be a last because there are so many more female and Black and South Asian and queer stories to tell.

Since You Last Saw Me: Reflections on the last 4 years

There are going to be a lot of takes on the election, and from a political standpoint, I’m not sure I can be all that additive. From a personal standpoint, though, I will always recall the 2016 election and its aftermath as the background for the development of the nuanced political opinions and convictions that my peers and I now hold.

Since You Last Saw Me: A treatise on sad pop bangers

Every sad pop banger that takes itself seriously culminates in collapse. The restrained verse-chorus-verse-chorus decorum must break into a bridge of absolute desolation. The artist can no longer channel the emotions through clean precision; the fabric of the song tears in the same way you rip off a Band-Aid. It becomes a sort of glorious, self-gratifying mess.

Since You Last Saw Me: Walking away

The power of a long, meandering walk is often underestimated. Even before quarantine made walking one of the only things that kept me sane, it was still an important part of my life.

Since You Last Saw Me: Idle worship

Celebrity culture, or “standom” as people call it these days, has always fascinated me. In this new world, artists aren’t mere mortals; they’re gods that people idealize and pay tribute to. Stars like Charli are within closer reach than they’ve ever been thanks to online platforms like Twitter and, in this case, Zoom.