Oliver Fox is an Assistant Sports Editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a freshman studying history. Oliver can be reached at [email protected]

Sports and Society: Locked out

Nobody thinks of an American labor union and pictures multimillionaires fighting against a multibillion-dollar corporation. Nor does anyone usually assume that the union holds the upper hand in negotiations. Major League Baseball’s latest dramatic implosion, however, checks both boxes. The MLB recently announced that the league would go into a lockout for the first time […]

Sports and Society: Sports or society?

Sports or society?  No one should ever be forced to ask themselves this question. Sports exist within human society and because of it, and both are at their best when they work together and support each other.  Most of us are casually able to ignore societal connections with sports. The vast majority of sports cater […]

Sports and Society: Football or… football?

Football is the most popular sport in the world.  Although you would never know it in the United States, football boasts an astonishing 4 billion fans worldwide, over half of the world’s population. Fans from England to Nigeria and China to Iran all revere football as “the beautiful game.” Here in the U.S., we call […]

Sports and Society: Reinventing stupidity with Aaron Rodgers

There is plenty of stupidity in the NFL.  Players have retired at halftime, torn their ACL by celebrating a field goal or slid out of the top 10 in the NFL draft because a video of them wearing a gas mask attached to a bong surfaced minutes before they were about to be picked sixth […]

Sports and Society: Humanizing a superhuman

After the departure of legendary wide receiver Julio Jones, there was little doubt that young talent Calvin Ridley would become the undisputed new number one for Atlanta, both quarterback Matt Ryan’s favorite target and a fan favorite among the Falcons faithful.  Yet on Sunday, Ridley was absent from Mercedes-Benz Stadium for warm-ups, and he was […]

Sports and Society: Cancel this culture

Two professional sports coaches, both alike in their innate lack of dignity, resigned or were fired in the last month over various instances of misconduct. It would seem we are in the middle of a reckoning on the unacceptable behavior of coaches. Except we aren’t.  The terminations of former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon […]

Sports and Society: Of mascots and men

Monday marked the first nationally recognized Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the United States. For millions of NFL fans like myself, the first thing we did was watch the Kansas City Chiefs lose to the Buffalo Bills just as the clock ticked past midnight on the East Coast. The Chiefs lost in front of tens of […]