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Sports and Society: Championship banners

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which annually hosts Wimbledon, one of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments, made a historic announcement earlier last month. The organization announced that it would ban all Russian and Belarusian players  from the competition due to the two nations’ roles in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War. Is it […]

Sports and Society: America’s game drain

Brittney Griner, the WNBA megastar and two-time Olympic gold medalist, has been detained in Russia since February. That’s obviously crazy, but not for the reasons you might think.  Griner has reached the pinnacle of her sport and has broken barrier after barrier along the way. Yet, for reasons totally out of her control, she does […]

Sports and Society: New York’s problematic solutions to sports and pandemic

Vaccine mandates protect people. That has been the position of the New York City government since ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio began the private sector mandate in December. Last week, that position stayed the same in theory. Unless, apparently, you’re Kyrie Irving. Or Aaron Judge. Or Anthony Rizzo, Jacob deGrom or any rich and powerful New […]

Sports and Society: The Brooklyn bunch

I have a theory that the Brooklyn Nets are a microcosm of the United States. If anything, Brooklyn’s young, dramatic and often troubled NBA franchise has been through the ringer in the last few years, much like the rest of the country. In three years, the Nets went from a gutted roster and low-level talent […]

Sports and Society: Owning up to history

Ideally, history leaves nobody out. No matter how hard you may try, historical memory should serve as the judge, jury and executioner for every individual. History can be the arbiter of justice. Actually doing that can be tricky. The benevolence of someone like Napoleon Bonaparte is sometimes harder to pin down; even though many serious […]

Sports and Society: Prayers for Ukraine

We are told as children to do what we love, to pursue our dreams and eventually happiness and money will follow. Blaze your own trail, and you will be fulfilled. We are also told that we are in a world that has moved beyond violence. That after the Cold War, we had somehow moved past […]

Sports and Society: Moral bureaucratic bankruptcy

As of my writing this column, the Beijing Winter Olympics have just officially concluded, and China is still committing crimes against humanity. The most active listeners of reports of China’s continued human rights abuses will continue to hear only silence, even while the Games are held in Beijing. That’s because that’s exactly what the Chinese […]

Sports and Society: The Super-ultra-mega Bowl

Professional sports in this country can be understood in phases. As more Americans had leisure time in the 1920s, baseball became the public’s national pastime and an opportunity for people to distract themselves from the humdrum of the workday. Sports continued to grow along with popular culture and it has become ingrained into the everyday […]

Sports and Society: The American football dream

Be it college admissions, CEO hiring, the Nation Football League or the endless toil of day-to-day existence, I am endlessly reminded that I do not live in a meritocracy. Despite high profile lawsuits and ceaseless debate in political theater, the American dream continues to be an exclusive club. On Tuesday, Feb. 1, former Miami Dolphins […]

Sports and Society: The Ballad of Tennis Australia

​​The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will provide the ultimate venue to protest the human rights abuses of the Chinese government. It’s a unique event that places international cooperation and friendly competition at the forefront of all our minds and could be a real chance for networks, athletes and politicos to show some backbone in […]