Oliver Fox is a sophomore studying history. Oliver can be reached at [email protected]

Sports and Society: The unfeeling Jaylen Brown

“The energy is about to shift”  This is Jaylen Brown’s six-word masterpiece. The first half of the 2021–22 Celtics had failed, until then, to translate a talent rich roster — in year three of the Brown and Jayson Tatum nucleus that was theoretically a top front court in the NBA — into a winning formula. […]

Sports and Society: It’s hard to hate the World Cup

I don’t want to hate the World Cup. Yet the 2022 World Cup in Qatar seems to want nothing more than for me to avert my eyes — disgusted by the human rights calamity and deplorable assertions that the sports world is apolitical — and go back to watching football, the American kind, as I usually do […]

Sports and Society: Saving democracy with the New England Patriots

I’m not going to say that the New England Patriots will swing the U.S. Senate. But I’m not not going to say that.  Ideally, millions of Americans will enthusiastically rush to the polls on Tuesday, armed with sophisticated and well-researched opinions, thoughtfully considering each candidate before ultimately coming to logically sound conclusions to receive their […]

Sports and Society: Brooklyn’s Inferno

I have a toxic relationship with the Brooklyn Nets.  To watch the superteam-from-nothing experiment play in New York City’s most populous borough is like examining a series of violent automobile accidents on the Brooklyn-Queens expressway. As the speeding cars flew by, I was at first exhilarated — unsure yet not altogether against what was unfolding […]

Sports and Society: How to beat the Yankees

I hate the New York Yankees. To an ancestral Red Sox fan — an emotional experience undefinable in spoken language — my attestation of rancor is hardly a statement of my baseball allegiance. Nor is it political speech attempting to discredit the Yankees and their ever-present specter over baseball. Rather, it is a prayer passed through hundreds […]

Sports and Society: How to protect fencing

The plaintiff of two Supreme Court cases against elite universities has very little interest in the politics of college athletics. Their eyes are on a bigger prize: the end of affirmative action in college admissions altogether. Yet, in their efforts to torpedo an era of campus diversity, they might accidentally destroy fencing. Very rarely during […]

Sports and Society: Moneyball

There’s not enough money in sports. I know that LeBron James makes nearly $45 million every year, that the Golden State Warriors had a payroll over $175 million last year and that the NFL signed a media rights deal worth over $100 billion in total value. I know those numbers seem completely out of control, […]

Sports and Society: Don’t use your head

According to the NFL, there is no upper limit to how hard you can hit, so long as you do it legally. Most of the illegal ways of hitting involve plays that put a player at excessive risk of head trauma and concussions. These include leading with the crown of your helmet, grabbing another player’s […]

Sports and Society: Pay up

Since a 2019 California law blew the lid off of student athletes getting paid, American governmental bodies have been gunning for the borderline illegal monopoly the NCAA and college athletic departments have had on revenue streams. The California law and subsequent measures held that student athletes could receive compensation for their names, images and likenesses, […]

Sports and Society: Discipline is dead

Robert Sarver and Donald Sterling are both despicable people, each credibly accused of uniquely reprehensible actions that spanned years and sometimes decades. Only Sterling, former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, was truly reprimanded permanently. Sarver, the still-owner of the Phoenix Suns, got the equivalent of a parking ticket and a timeout. Both admit no […]

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