Odessa Gaines is the co-chair of the Intentionality & Inclusivity Committee and an assistant arts editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore studying cognitive and brain science and film and media studies. Odessa can be reached at [email protected]

SuperCarlinBros rewrite the Harry Potter fictional universe

Storytelling is a clear form of art — one that takes bounds of talent to be done right. Whether it’s through novels, film, or theater, a storyteller must create characters we can root for and have an interest in, a world that draws us in, and stakes that hold real weight.  Fanfiction is an entire […]

Baking bridges the gap between art and science

Many would argue that the natural sciences and the fine arts are on completely different sides of the spectrum and require totally different approaches. The study of extinct animals seems to be as far from oil painting as one could get. At first glance, science and food are also completely different: one a practical activity […]

K-Weekly: How to enjoy comebacks

K-groups make their musical comebacks throughout the year, but these next few months are going to be extra exciting with groups like Monsta X (April 26), TXT (May 9) and BTS (June 10) all confirmed to come back with new albums over the next few months, with others rumored to make 2022 comebacks and debuts. […]

K-Weekly: BTS gives a stellar Grammy performance, again

BTS once again showed the world why it’s on top on Sunday night with its performance on the Grammy Awards stage. The seven-member boy band has seen overwhelming amounts of success since it debuted back in 2013, breaking records with regularity in South Korea and abroad. The band members are known not just for their […]

Putting a twist on ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’

In the year 2022, viewing audiences are intimately familiar with reboots, sequels and spinoffs of dearly loved TV shows and movies. By March of this year alone, Hulu released “How I Met Your Father” (2022–), Peacock released “Bel-Air” (2022–) and Disney+ has released “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” (2022–) and “Cheaper by the Dozen” […]

K-Weekly: What’s in your K-pop album?

One small difference I feel goes overlooked in the K-pop community is, to put it simply, the albums. And by this, I mean the actual, physical album that you can purchase from a store, or — more likely — Amazon. While many Western acts sometimes release a CD and sometimes a vinyl along with their […]

K-Weekly: Black appropriation in K-pop (Part 1)

I happen to be a firm believer in the idea that you can enjoy things that are criticized, and that it’s kind of impossible to not enjoy things that are criticized. Everyone has skeletons in their closets as well as mistakes they made when they were young and ignorant, so I believe in forgiving but […]

K-Weekly: The Big Three

One thing many people fail to remember about the K-pop industry is that it is different from Western music industries. There are definitely some overlaps, like how both industries may put together groups via music competition shows (i.e., X-Factor and I-Land), but there are clear differences between both industries. One of these is the foundation […]

K-Weekly: The beauty of PLT’s ‘Planetarium Case#2’

One of my favorite K-groups is, hands down, PLT. PLT is unique because it is not technically considered a K-pop group. PLT is labeled a project group: a few solo artists who come together every so often to make music every so often under one record label. PLT is made up of six members: Villain, […]

Are theories killing our film and TV experiences?

In the era of social media and creation platforms, it has become significantly easier to discover communities of people with common, loved interests. From niche topics like different types of soups to extremely popular Disney movies like “Encanto” (2021), platforms like TikTok and YouTube make it possible for individuals to broadcast their own thoughts and […]