Odessa Gaines is a contributing writer at The Tufts Daily. She is a first-year studying Child Study and Human Development with a co-major in Early Childhood Education. Odessa can be reached at [email protected]

K-Weekly: Vibe out with Jessi’s ‘Nunu Nana’

As I have mentioned many times before, the world of K-pop is vast and is much more than simply pop music in Korean. K-pop has Latin, pop, alternative, rock, hip-hop and rap influences. The industry is built to mesh these sounds together and try to create distinct sounds. One artist who most definitely has her […]

K-Weekly: Twice’s ‘Alcohol-Free’ will leave you drunk in love

The world of K-pop, like most other fields of music, art and life, is unfortunately dominated by male groups and artists, but the women of K-pop never fail to remind us that they earned their right to be there just as much as anyone else. They have been turning out bops since the beginning of […]

K-Weekly: I ‘Don’t Recall’ why Kard isn’t in your playlist

When most people hear the word “K-pop,” they think of pop music but in Korean and with more dancing. For the general public, K-pop music has one distinct sound and is one genre on its own. However, this isn’t exactly right. K-pop is a generalization for what is considered ‘Idol Music’ in South Korea, but […]

​​K-Weekly: Take a scroll through Instagram with Dean

Content warning: This article mentions depression and difficulties with mental health. Have you ever felt so consumed by thoughts bouncing around in your head that you can’t help but open Instagram? Do you feel lonely, yet try to prove that your life is still good by posting and tagging, showing only the happy parts of […]

Tufts removes Harleston basketball hoops for tennis court space, commits to new hoop installation at later date

Tufts University removed the basketball hoops located outside Harleston Hall in an effort to create more court space for the men’s and women’s varsity tennis teams in early October. The decision temporarily removes the only available outside space for Tufts pickup basketball players. In an email to the Daily, Director of Athletics Communications Paul Sweeney […]

K-Weekly: Why ‘Loser=Lover’ needs to be in your playlist

If you’re not familiar with the ever-growing world of K-pop, or international music in general, you may be looking at this section and wondering, what even is “Loser=Lover?” But never fear, dear reader, as I am here to shed some light on who TXT is and why you need to stream the group’s music. So […]