Noah Mills is a senior double majoring in chemistry and civic studies. Noah can be reached at [email protected]

Spaceship Earth: Communities and the climate

When following national climate news, it can be extremely exciting to read articles about progress being made, and feel like real change is happening and that there is hope for the future. However, when bad news arises, it’s also easy to get demoralized. With a truly global catastrophe such as climate change, it often feels […]

Spaceship Earth: Get mad about markets

As capitalism has grown and expanded in the past few centuries, it has sought new markets to privatize and sell its wares. Initially, land was a common market that became privately owned and then sold or rented to others. Labor also developed as a market, and under neoliberalism, aspects of our own individual identities have begun […]

Spaceship Earth: Two Minutes to Midnight

In 1947, artist Martyl Langsdorf designed the Doomsday Clock to demonstrate how close mankind was to global catastrophe as a result of the newly designed nuclear bomb. At its creation, it was set at seven minutes to midnight, with midnight representing catastrophe. Since then, members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board have maintained the clock, […]

Spaceship Earth: The bottom deck of a sinking ship

When thinking about the Titanic, images of drowning and loss spring to mind; however, this was not the fate of all those aboard the ship. In fact, more than half of the wealthy people on board survived the shipwreck, and lived on to tell their stories. While 61 percent of first-class passengers survived, only 42 percent of second-and […]

Spaceship Earth: The positives of being carbon-negative

With protests and public opinion on climate change finally rising to impactful levels, the goals of these movements need to be defined. As we prepare ourselves for the oncoming conflict, defining what “fighting climate change” really means becomes critical for the creation of a movement with a clear and achievable goal. We must ask whether […]

Spaceship Earth: From farm to house — industrial hemp

With the planet warming, global conflict in the near future is unavoidable as resource scarcity, loss of land and extreme weather events push people to act in rational but violent ways. To limit the severity of these conflicts, we must begin making radical changes to the way we do almost everything. One interesting example of such […]

Spaceship Earth: The Smart Consumer and Anti-Consumption

If you have ever spent some time around leftists, maybe you have heard the phrase, “there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism.” This idea originates primarily from the fact that those who produce goods do not receive their fair share, as their employer takes a significant cut without actually producing anything. Other blaring […]

Spaceship Earth: A coup against the climate

As the world continues to warm, serious action must be taken in order to prevent oil from being pumped out of the ground and burned into the atmosphere. As the coup in Venezuela progresses, we must understand the international motives and its potential environmental consequences. As of 2014, Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserve in the world at […]

On this Spaceship Earth: Commotion in the oceans

Typically when one thinks of oxygen production on Earth, one pictures luscious trees in rainforests like the Amazon or the Congo. However, less than a third of the Earth’s oxygen is made on land; instead, a much more significant amount of the oxygen (approximately 70 percent) is produced by phytoplankton in the oceans. Paired with the knowledge […]